Lost in the Fifties- Another Time, Another Place

This is a 4 1/2 minute video slide show, well worth the time it takes to watch it. Enjoy a little nostalgia, some good memories and some not.

http://safeshare.tv/w/FEDEwZH ZXu


If the boomers has just held the damn line this country might still be like that. Instead of the decaying cultural marxist shithole it’s become.


Yeah, it must have felt pretty good to grow up in a country where the majority of people look like you and you didn’t have to accommodate every single third worlder that decided to illegally make your country their home. It was probably also pretty nice to be able to openly talk about issues and not have people calling you racist for doing so. Interestingly enough the boomers are the worst about calling people racist and they are the ones who grew up in a country that was pretty much an ethnostate.

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It was also a time when you could beat someone’s ass for doing something stupid and you wouldn’t be the one going to jail. It’s getting to the point where we can’t even say anything to people who do stupid shit without losing our jobs and getting doxxed. The boomers were the ones who pushed their degeneracy in the 60s then took over businesses in the 80s all so they could fuck everyone over from that point to present day. Literally the most selfish and spoiled generation in existence - who got to live in America at its peak - and then ruined it for everyone else.

S&H Green Stamps! I can remember when I was little my mom used to save and then used them. I’d forgotten all about that :rofl:


Wow. A lot of hate for the boomers in this thread so fa

Boomers aren’t the problem. Leftists are.

There are plenty of boomers who are lefties and plenty who are not.


Here is what someone’s daughter/granddaughter from the 50s looks like today. Nice job everyone.


And then one day, for no reason at all, people voted Hitler into power…


No…boomers pretty much wrecked civilization. That’s something that everyone who isn’t a boomer on the left and the right agrees on.

Well, I’m not a boomer and I disagree with you.

So what generation are you? You seemed to know only things a boomer would know earlier in the thread.

By age, I am defined as a millennial.

Yet, many of my friends are boomers and millennials.

The boomers I’ve always looked up to. Perhaps because the ones I’ve encountered are everything that stand for what is right with this country.

So, I don’t paint with a broad brush.

I think we should take the worst of the Boomer mentality and amplify it.

Instead of simply putting your child’s drawings on the fridge, pay him for the drawings in order to increase your household’s gross domestic product. This is the true measure of human well-being. Also: Make your child pay for his meals.

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What a waste. She could be having children and raising a family right now. Good thing we aren’t all speaking German though.

I think you have no data to back that up. It’s nothing but a broad brush paint job based on your opinion.

I’m older than the boomers. I’ve lived through everything that the boomers have lived through…and a few years more.

I presume from your statement that you are not a boomer, meaning that you were born after 1964. Since there are many thousands of boomers still alive today, with ages between 56 and 74, there are many thousands of boomers that have lived through everything you have, plus all the years between the year of their own birth and the year you were born.

I won’t guess your exact age, but I suspect you’re currently in your twenties, a mere spring chicken, still wet behind the ears, lacking in experience and knowledge of long term cause and effect as seen in changes measured after decades of exposure to life.

It’s liberals that have destroyed the good life exemplified by the 50s. You’re far too young to see this and have yet to understand the mechanics of the creeping bent of societies all over the world to lean toward socialism/communism for the simplicity of life where the government takes over control of your rights and your earnings in exchange for protection and the essentials of survival under the guise of being ‘fair’ to all.

‘Fair’ is a subjective term applied with partiality to each individual or group of individuals in proportion to how closely those receiving the ‘fair’ treatment agree with the governing elite.

Liberalism is a mental disorder. Liberalism is what destroyed the ‘good life’ of the 50s. Liberalism existed in every generation prior to the boomers, within the boomers and within every generation since the boomers…including yours.


I grew up in the 50s. Very stable home. Dad worked, Mom ran the house. I was mature enough by 16 to enlist in the Navy. Graduated from high school at 17, left, and have been on my own since. Didn’t have to leave home; but I told Mom, 16 years is enough to be cared for. Thanks for doing such a great job.

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I remember people walking down the street and saying hello, or when a new neighbour moved in how we became friends. Even the police officer walking his beat was known on a first name basis. I am border line gen xer but I do remember these things when I was a kid riding my bike and playing baseball and hockey on my street.

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Every kid I knew had a .22 rifle. No one got shot. Doors were not locked. The people in neighborhoods looked after each other. Doctors made house calls. Every house had chickens, ducks, poultry. You knew they were not pets. Infinitely healthier than industrial chickens. Every neighborhood had big gardens; and everything was shared. Air was free at gas stations. It’s now become a bizzaro world. No rhyme or reason; just chaos. Almost forgot, abortion was frowned on.

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