Live - Stay Tuned - Trump Re-Election Kick Off Rally

Tomorrow (Tuesday) LIVE: President Trump 2020 Re-Election Rally - Orlando, Florida
The City of Orlando is preparing for President Donald Trump’s arrival on Tuesday at the Amway Center.


The chatbox on the Youtube page is already rolling. This might be the biggest political event ever.

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Yep, until Youtube starts acting like a complete tool and censor any videos on Trump in the next coming months. Youtube have already started censoring some conservative people and outlets. Just as Facebook and Twitter already begun. They know a brash of folks are ready to take it to social media. So one-sided now. So arrogant of them.


Twitter is the worst. Horrible!! I see more than they report on the news, even Fox.

Facebook and Youtube are rotten too. But jumping the hurdle to blacking out the president? They don’t have the balls for that.They might black him out after he leaves office though.

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It’s coming soon. . .

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Most of the stuff on Twitter are “fake news”. They only tweet stuff that others will retweet. No matter what they may consider “news”.
There are only a few outlets that actually “report” news - like Newsmax and Mark Levine. As well, as Rush Limbaugh. But news outlets like Fox and the rest of the MSM are “driven”. They are driven to get more retweets no matter how substance the “news” maybe.

Trumpers aren’t special…

The terrorist regime supporter always finds something dumb to say but never anything interesting to say

I thought having two accounts here was a no-no?

I am special :slight_smile: Lol Just kidding!

We will see when it comes to November 2020… :slight_smile:

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Ok, I’ll go along with that one. :+1:

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Rush Limbaugh just gave a great statistic. There are more people lined up for Trump’s rally in Orlando then there are who visit Disney World on an average day. Meanwhile, Joe Biden cannot fill up a donut shop with people to hear him speak. ( the last part about Biden was my own personal statistic)


I think Florida was a really smart place for Trump to kick off his reelection campaign. It’s loaded with boomer retirees who now make up the bulk of his base.


retirees are not his base. Where do you even get that from

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There are probably enough boomers to carry him through to re-election based upon sad levels of national voter turnout.

It’s too bad there isn’t an actual MAGA alternative running.

I’ll change my mind if he makes good on the mass deportations.

I was referring to the way Twitter shadow bans, bans, and suppresses conservative speech. Its far worse than the media has reported, including what Fox has reported.

What is it with dopey kids and this stupid boomer crap. WORKING MEN AND WOMEN are Trump’s base, the forgotten Americans.

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