Lisa Page admitted Obama DOJ ordered stand-down on Clinton email prosecution, GOP rep says

This shows how Obama and his administration were corrupt and tried to manipulate the election

 Former FBI lawyer Lisa Page admitted under questioning from Texas Republican Rep. John Ratcliffe last summer that "the FBI was ordered by the Obama DOJ not to consider charging Hillary Clinton for gross negligence in the handling of classified information," the congressman alleged in a social media post late Tuesday, citing a newly unearthed transcript of Page's closed-door testimony.

Page and since-fired FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok, who were romantically involved, exchanged numerous anti-Trump text messages in the lead-up to the 2016 presidential election, and Republicans have long accused the bureau of political bias. But Page’s testimony was perhaps the most salient evidence yet that the Justice Department improperly interfered with the FBI’s supposedly independent conclusions on Clinton’s criminal culpability, Ratcliffe alleged.

“So let me if I can, I know I’m testing your memory,” Ratcliffe began as he questioned Page under oath, according to a transcript excerpt he posted on Twitter. “But when you say advice you got from the Department, you’re making it sound like it was the Department that told you: You’re not going to charge gross negligence because we’re the prosecutors and we’re telling you we’re not going to —”

Page interrupted: “That is correct,” as Ratcliffe finished his sentence, " – bring a case based on that."

The document dump was part of a major release by House Judiciary Committee Republicans, who on Tuesday released hundreds of pages of transcripts from last year’s closed-door interview with Page, revealing new details about the bureau’s controversial internal discussions regarding an “insurance policy” against then-candidate Donald Trump. Fox News has previously reviewed portions of Page’s testimony.

I want to read the lib trolls’ rhetorical defense of Obama’s criminals.

Can they spell o b s t r u c t I o n ?

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Are they referring to teh crime that Comey decided not to prosecute? If so, how did the info get from Page to Comey?

I agree, this looks shady, but of course we need to know what the underlying action they are discussing is. If the DOJ said ‘don’t bother pursuing clinton for not sorting her recycling’ that’s one thing, where as ‘don’t bother prosecuting clinton for running that hooker ring out of the pizza joint’ that’s another.

Having said that…if we’re talking about the handling of the email server, which Comey looked at and decided no reasonable prosecutor would pursue it, and it turns out HE didn’t make that determination, but instead was passing on info from DOJ and framing it as if it was his…that’s shady…

Yeah I’ve been reading up on this. Order came right from the top…Obama administration.

The question is will William Barr do what it takes to bring justice for crimes committed against the people?

I have my doubts.

And if he doesn’t, is that proof he too is in teh Deep State? Or is it proof there is no crime here to prosecute?

He is after all part of the system. Hell he was one of those that fought for more power, more tools to be legally use knowing that it will likely be abused.

It’s not like no one tried warning em.

Why does trump keep appointing deep staters?

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Do you think he has a crystal ball to say who is what before their appointment?

Because Trump can only go by recommendations. He tried appointing outsider so to speak with Sessions. And we seen how that went over didn’t we.

Deer in headlights syndrome.

That is the point. Comey did not have that authority. The FBI was told to stand down then Comey abused his power as he was told to do

We can only hope he will

BTW…welcome to forum. :wink:

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As an outsider, he is hated by Washington.

He’s probably the best choice/option we have thou. I just don’t know how committed he is seeking out members of justice system, FBI…not to mention NSA/CIA.

I’m hoping he’s going to surprise me.

Sessions was an outsider??? really? Guy is a life long conservative republican politician.

Is there literally anyone on the planet who didn’t already know this? Honestly? Party of Projection…

Because his handlers keep telling him to.

In CoJ and FBI? No he wasn’t. He was senator and prior to that he was district attorney in Alabama.

Ah - got you - outside as in outside of LEO/DOJ. True.

Who told him to get these handlers?