Lisa Page admitted Obama DOJ ordered stand-down on Clinton email prosecution, GOP rep says


You will. They are trying to punish Nancy! Its called the slow drip! Its probably another reason why all of a sudden they decided to drop the impeachment pursuit because a lot of them are going to be implicated. Judicial Watch just filed Ethic violations against Adam Schiff!


Go read my “The Contradiction Thread!” Its pretty clear that many implicated have lied under oath!


This is something we ALL knew from the start , yet nothing will EVER be done about it .


Whatever do you mean?

I have been assured that everything is on the up and up with the Justice Department and the FBI. Why would they lie about crimes being committed? There was absolutely nothing inappropriate about the tarmac meeting between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton while his wife was under investigation by the FBI either. The media said so. So there.

Oh and btw: The recommendation came just three days after the FBI interviewed Clinton. The recommendation that cleared not only her but her top three aides who were implicated. Hmm…

Nothing shady about that either.

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We don’t care about real obstruction. Just the fake obstruction. Orange man bad.


Man, they are like programmed, arn’t they?


Thank goodness Trump never talked about golf and grandkids with any DOJ official on a parked plane.


He was not even able to conduct official business and perform legitimate presidential actions without disgusting libs accusing him of obstruction.


You know the FBI or the head of the FBI doesn’t make determinations of whether or not to prosecute right?


Yes - and Lynch told Comey (since she felt compromised) that she would live by his decision…

Which was odd. And would be odder still - down right shady - if in fact he was just repeating the DoJ call…


I think after today, Trump will go scorched Earth and expose Republicans on this as well! In 6 days something major is going to drop! The 21st! or the 22nd!


Unlike most things being investigated right now this actually does need to be investigated because it is clearly Obstruction of Justice.

Someone needs to be in prison.

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My theory is that his hands are tied as long as the Meuller investigation is ongoing. Any prosecutions surrounding this issue from his admin while it is could be painted as obstruction. Once that’s closed, all bets are off.


Well getting rid of Weissmann was the first step in that process. We will see!


Barr unlike some of our other AG’s doesn’t seem to be one to conduct investigations vial persecution in the press or by leaking to them. I suspect there’s a whole lot more to come.