Lindsey Graham: Dems and GOP can 'Come Together' for Gun Confiscation



"The Democrats have also been vocal in their support for gun confiscation laws, and this is where Graham believes the left and right can come together.

He told CNN, “I haven’t really looked at the House package, but this is to me the area where we can come together.” Graham has scheduled a March 26 Judiciary Committee hearing on the confiscation orders."

Republicans are preparing to support a nationwide gun confiscation bill. Get in here!


I’d love to see them come and take them.

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Lindsay Graham better watch his ■■■■■■ ass. We don’t play here in the Carolinas.

The ruling class is moving in for the kill. They must feel fairly confident that Americans will be docile and simply hand their guns over. I’m sure many will. It’s the ones who don’t that matter.

Grahamnesty – Quisling among Quislings – has blovated.

Graham is all over the map - one minute endearing himself to conservatives, then next compelling them to grab their torches and pitchforks in revolt against him.

In Philadelphia they have apparently recently forbidden electronic / credit only pay, requiring businesses to also accept cash.

Even the Left can stumble into doing something correct every now and then. Should Grahamnesty be different?

50 million annually to fund academia so they can indoctrinate and promote gun control?

Again flags are popping up all over the place…how soon will it be used as a weapon to disarm citizens. Not to mention the courts. You have to hire attorney to defend your basic rights that we have under the BoR’s?

Not cool man…not cool at all.


This may sound innocuous at first glance. They only want to confiscate guns from individuals deemed a threat to themselves or others.

But then all they need do is deem people…one at a time. They’re already trying to extend the authority to recommend “deeming” of certain students to teachers. Teachers have already been issued honorary psychiatrist diplomas in their ability to diagnose ADHD in unruly or bored students.

BTW…Screw Lindsey Graham!

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I’m surprised they haven’t requested secret courts yet…like no fly BS.

You don’t find out until you try boarding a flight.

edit to add. This would be good excuse for them to use that military grade hardware and vehicles confiscating those weapons of war.

Now every veteran with PTSD or a VA disability rating will have their guns taken from them - the very people who know what it means to defend the right to keep and bear arms.


Why do they want to confiscate a tool? Guns are tools. Liberals are insane for not understanding that without guns, gang members would take over everything.

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…and while Diane Feinstein didn’t actually say, “All vets are mentally ill.”, she did cast suspicion on them with her comments.

Read what she actually said and you cannot help but infer that she meant to cast veterans (and those currently serving in the military) in a bad light…susceptible to PTSD and violent use of weapons.

BTW…Screw Diane Feinstein!

So at what point are we going to go to Washington D.C. and take our country back? I am getting really tired of watching the traitorous career politicians selling out my rights for their power or to the highest bidder. Tell me when and Ill meet you at the foot of the capitol. Let’s get this thing started before it is too late.

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The only laws Congress passes are ones that line the special interests pockets or give Government more power. It’s getting real close to a “use them or lose them” as far as guns are concerned.

Why is Lindsey Graham always at the center of everything that is rotten? He’s like a fly that is flying from corpse to corpse. If there’s a dead body, Lindsey Graham can’t be far.

I often hear people talk about the Constitution. People speak of the law and make claims that the Constitution guarantees our rights. Few people are aware of what the Constitution is or how it works. The Constitution is not a law, it does not bind the government or grant any rights, it never has. Furthermore, the Constitution is not a physical barrier or a magical parchment that guarantees rights of any kind. The Constitution is a blueprint that free men can follow in order to remain free if they so choose. The entirety of the blueprint depends on the 2nd amendment and it’s true meaning. The only thing in human history that has ever held rulers in check is the threat of death. The 2nd amendment does not mean that the government must allow you to own guns, nor does it exist to ensure your personal protection or amusement. What the 2nd amendment means is that if you choose to be free, then YOU MUST keep weapons in order to overthrow your rulers if it becomes necessary. Nobody can, or will give you permission to do this, it is your responsibility as a free man. The 1st amendment, likewise, is not a right, but a demand. The function of the 1st amendment is to allow non-violent communication between the government and the governed. Without the option of non-violent communication, violence is the only possible solution. All historical precedents show us that our modern beliefs about how society SHOULD or COULD work, do not stand up to reality. The laws of nature are in fact, the only true laws, all else is fantasy. So, when you hear people speak about how the “Constitution grants us rights” or the “Constitution guarantees” or “The Constitution protects me”, understand that they have no concept of what the Constitution means, or what it is. The Constitution has never protected you and it never will. The Constitution is a blueprint by which you can protect yourself. The Constitution does not grant you rights, it presents you with responsibilities that you may or may not accept.

Do not attempt to read between the lines of what I have written. Do not look for a hidden message or other such wizardry, for you will find none. Furthermore, do not fantasize about how my comments may pertain to some current issue that others are making a fuss about, nor assume that it relates to something that you saw on the television. My words were very basic and simple and their meaning was not hidden by parable or rhetoric. Although, you may assume that I am making a call to arms or violence, I assure you that I am not. I would not bother to make such a call, as I know exactly what you will do. In reality, your offspring WILL inherit the yoke of slavery and you will make yourself as comfortable as possible as the world burns around you. Enjoy your sportsball, your television shows and your cheap food. Continue to recite your magical incantations about “Democracy”, “America”, and “Shall Not Be Infringed”, if it makes you feel better. Whether consciously or by deception, this is the fate that you have chosen. Nobody is coming to save you. If you gleam nothing else from what I have written, understand this, by choosing slavery, you have allied yourself with the enemies of free men. If a free man thinks for one moment that you are his enemy, then he will kill you without hesitation and in your fantasies of freedom, you don’t blame him.


Americans started losing their freedoms ever since the end of the civil war. Not because of emancipation, but because what used to be a collection of semi-independent states that were free to govern themselves as their people wished became a centralised country that has spits on state autonomy and even reached for force, for mass killing its own people, just to retain its power and enforce its will. It wasn’t until much later that americans’ personal liberty started being sliced off, piece by piece, but it was the major milestone that set America upon this path.

Many americans seem to simplify the civil war as being over slavery, and it was, but it was also (much more importantly) about the freedom of the individual states, and the war set a precedent several orders of magnitudes more significant than freeing the slaves – the USA showed that the states are not free entities voluntarily cooperating, but dependent subjects who are kept in check under the threat of arms.


He really has transformed himself into a real curiosity.

During the campaign, he proudly bashed trump and called him the end of the GOP. Now he defends him constantly. Then, he calls for bipartisanship, then he grandstands for a controversial SC pick. Then he calls for gun control???

Hard to figure, beyond ‘he likes the spotlight’…

For those of you who don’t know, Diane Feinstein the Gun-Grabber has introduced “the Assault Weapons Ban of 2019” (Bill S.66) as a bill a couple months ago. THIS WILL OUTLAW THE SALE AND TRANSPORTATION OF “AssaUlT weAPoNs”! Y’all better start flooding your representatives with phone calls and snail-mail. It hasn’t been passed yet, so let’s keep it that way. This shit is for real.