LGBT Pride Flag Replaces POW Flag at Vietnam Memorial in Montgomery County, MD – Officials Made to Immediately Regret It

Local officials in Maryland responded to community outrage after a POW/MIA flag was taken down Monday and a pride flag was put in its place.

The Montgomery County Vietnam Veterans Memorial was flying the POW/MIA flag again Tuesday following a public outcry, NBC Washington reported.

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But who actually did it?

The county government took it down because they only wanted one flag on the flagpole. The ‘community’ then thought it was appropriate to fly both the POW flag and the ■■■ flag.

If they want to replace the POW flag, they should also replace the soldiers fighting oversea, physically.

But who first put up the ■■■ flag? Thats what I don’t know. Whoever it is should be fired.

Pretty damned disgusting.

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Gay Shame continues.

Gay =lib heros.

Well to be fair, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) says that men taking another man’s erect penis in their anus while he inseminates their colon is pretty dangerous.

So to libs, gay means brave… the rainbow of colors of the gay pride flag appropriately representing the sequence of diseased skin color ranging from red inflammation to the telltale dark purple color of dead tissue.

Weird… they seem to be proud of it.

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Why not both? It would look a bit weird, but…

What’s next? The Tomb of the Unknown Buttranger?

Because it’s an insult to everyone who served.


Because we do not honor sick perverted degenerates.

Unfortunately we do but that is not the purpose of the Vietnam Memorial.

Nobody went to Vietnam in the name of “Gay Rights”.

What a sickening sight , what the F is this Country coming to ???

That’s what I meant. You would make a good press sec. LOL

Replace all our troops with gays; then the LGBT flag will be appropriate. Perhaps a Powder Puff Brigade. Like that.


Remember when Trump was proposing a military pride parade?

Oh no :scream:

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Then when the Muslims capture them and put them to death for being gay, perhaps we could finally have a conversation on why Liberals are always defending Islam

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OMG…definitely…I would love to see that. :rofl:

All this flag waving is to force and familiarize everyone with LGBTQ.
The agenda is to bring their next move which is pederasty or pedophilia.


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