Lessons to learn from the Gabby Petito disaster

(I won’t be posting any links to this story. Pretty much every poster here, regardless of ideology, has been bombarded with this Florida story from day one. I’m just offering some common sense advice as a father. I have two daughters both married successfully and living in North Port, Florida, where all this took place.)

  1. If your kid is still living at home by age 22, you’ve done an AWFUL job of instilling in that kid a sense of self sufficiency and self worth. (Both my daughters had been accepted to college the SUMMER after they graduated and they both couldn’t wait to get going. Today, they live minutes away and are very close to their parents, especially when the time comes for babysitting my granddaugher.)

  2. If your kid at age 22 starts dating someone and they get engaged, the DUMBEST thing you could do is allow that swinging dick to move into your home to sleep with her. Are you STUPID? If your daughter wants to sleep with her fiancee or even boyfriend, she will have to do so from HER home. Perhaps she and the boy can be working jobs and pay for the place jointly. It is amazing how such an expense can truly instill a sense of responsibility in those young uns.

  3. If you think your kid is STUPID enough to want to just take off across the country from your house with a kid you barely know, you have NOT done your job raising this kid, whether the kid is a girl or a boy. Of course, if your kid at age 22 is a software engineer making six figures and he/she meets someone with a similar lucrative job position, then you have done your job. They can afford to fly to CHINA for all you care. You’ll just know that they will be fine. (As unfair as this sounds, those horribly tabloid stories about young murder victims like this RARELY stem from the productive business or even Ivy League class. They usually come from the lower middle class or the poor.)

  4. If you are a girl 22 years old living at home and you have no idea what you are going to do with your life, the very LAST thing on your mind should be marriage to someone who lame that he has to move in with your parents. Society assumes at age 22 you aren’t totally stupid. If you prove society wrong, you’re only setting yourself and your loved ones up for heartache. GROW A BRAIN. Go back to school. Learn a trade. Become successful and attract successful types who don’t need to sponge off you or your parents.

  5. This girl Petito was an attractive lady. She could have made better choices in a future spouse than that animal she ran away with. That doesn’t mean she deserved to be murdered, but it explains a whole lot.

  6. The city of North Port is frankly quite beautiful, and sits on the stunning west coast of Florida. It used to be Port Charlotte, a General Development community created in the 50s. Then it was called North Port Charlotte. Now there is a Port Charlotte and a North Port, which sits partially in Sarasota County. It’s schools are HUGE. The population here is exploding. New businesses up and down Tamiami Trail (which is hwy 41 that runs up and down the west coast) are popping up all over the place. They can’t build houses fast enough. Of course, the local and national media are just sucking up all the local flavor as they camp outside of Brian Laundrie’s parents house in North Port, along with the local police and the FBI.

  7. If you are a boy in your 20s, loaded with hormones and looking to have a good time, GET A DAMNED JOB and get your own place, you MORON. Go to college and get a degree that will make you a living. If you think you will just charm some local honey out of her pants and move in with her parents, this Petito story just complicated your life a great deal. And if you are living in North Port and you should come up with a similar idea that this Laundrie animal did, you might discover why Charlotte and Sarasota Counties both have a ton of gun stores.


Oh yeah. I suppose I should mention that both my future sons in law were TERRIFIED of meeting me, maybe because of how each daughter described me. I don’t know. I was cordial during the meeting, very reasonable and it didn’t assuage their fears. They had to learn to live with the fear of this sleeping monster who would be on their ass if either of my little princesses even suffered a hangnail.

One son in law complains when his wife looks at him with that right eyebrow raised. It’s that same look I gave him when we first met. He is intimidated of me even through here.

Guess what! They have passed the test. They get it. We have a fine relationship. We aren’t friends because that is impossible. But they understand what was expected of them, not just from me but from my amazing daughters. One of the couples has brought a granddaughter into the world for me and I GUARANTEE you the father will be a CLONE of father in law. And he will produce yet ANOTHER productive Floridian citizen, ready to educate the world.

Parenting is difficult. It is NOT for the stupid or the lazy. It is a LOT of work. It requires a lot less ME ME ME ME, and more responsibility.


Memes aside, I am glad your daughters went thru the indoctrination system that is college and came out the other side sane. That demonstrated strongly-instilled family values that is unshakable by peer-pressure.

Don’t worry. This guy is all over it.

Barely caught this story out of the corner of my eye, and didn’t realize this was a national one.

Very familiar with Florida and the places this poster describes. Used to work for ABC world news and covered Similar stories, (Casey) although not as sensationalized but still I know what parasites the media can be when trying to fish for a story.

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That’s pretty much the definition of media: Parasites.
Still, if this Laundrie character indeed killed this girl and his parents protected him, the national media has shone a pretty large spotlight on their lives. They must have had something to do with this because they retained lawyers.

Most of the country now knows what their house and their neighborhood looks like.

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I’d retain lawyers, too. Retaining a lawyer is not an indication of guilt.


If you remember the Natalie Holloway story, I was working part of a crew where we were parked in Aruba on ABC’s dime for an entire month. No joke! All we did was drink and shot the chit every day with other reporters and crews from other networks waiting for a story break. It was crazy, but true. That was a sad story in of itself.

Latest on this. Weird! This guy is either dead or somehow is able to evade capture.

And the liberal media and ■■■■ on CNN see this as white girl gets police action while blacks are never even mentioned when they go missing, it was compared to the serial killer Sam Little who killed 93 or more they were mostly drug addicts and prostitutes . Race baiters from HELL !!!

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Exactly. I’m sure there are girls Gabby’s age in LA and Chicago who go missing every day. Because they are either black or brown, they are hardly newsworthy.

I guess the left wing media thinks those two races are inferior and not worth covering.

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The dog is on the scene

When Dog the Bounty Hunter finds Brian Laundrie before the FBI does will people see how much of a joke the national security agencies are? Go Dog!

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This is starting to look like Laundrie may have disappeared for a different reason. Local authorities and the FBI are searching local swamps and I think it is for a body.
Laundrie would be easy enough to track if he were using a family credit card. But he’s out there, alone, and he’d have to be carrying an ass load of cash to survive.

  1. Because he showed up without Gabby, he IS culpable in her disappearance, but to what extent?

  2. He may have committed suicide in the wild, but at some point his body would have been discovered.

  3. His family might be secretly aiding and abetting him in eluding the authorities.

  4. I don’t know what Dog the Bounty Hunter could do that would be different. Yes, it would be funny as hell if he were able to outsmart the professional law enforcement agencies, but remember that he is a reality show star. And folks here may not know it, but Dog does not have a law enforcement background. He actually has a felony criminal record for aiding and abetting a murder and served 18 months at the Texas Penitentiary in Huntsville.
    His status as a bounty hunter was the result of his tackling an escaping con and getting a congrats from a corrections officer who inspired him to become a bounty hunter. He was paroled in 1979.

It’s possible that his unique style of tracking and his total disregard of regular legal protocols just might give him an edge, but I don’t see what he could do that could outpace the FBI or local North Port law enforcement.

It would be funny as hell if he pulled it off, though.

Because drug addicts / prostitutes’ go missing all the time it has little to do with race . Do you have any idea how much manpower needed to track drug addicts / prostitutes on a daily basis ? Do you realize they can go missing for weeks then show up when they need another fix ???

He’s made a living off hunting ppl down. More qualified then any woke tranny FBI agent

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They are too busy chasing garage door closers that frighten black boys at track . And far too busy trying to unseat a duly elected President . :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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These murder victims
are probably not drug addicts and prostitutes. They just happened to be unfortunate
enough to live in liberal inner city with in incompetent liberal lesbian mayor who blames everything on Trump.

Those kids are as dead as this lady,

but the left wing media has decided the attractive white girl deserves more attention.

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Well in Chicago if the ■■■ media wrote about every black missing or shot their paper would weigh 200 LBS