Lessons to learn from the Gabby Petito disaster

Also decided Biden won . And decided there was Russian collusion BS , and Hilary was wrongfully accused of every fu@king thing she ever did in her miserable life ! Who in the fu@k paids attention to left wing media anymore ? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

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And the plot thickens!

I hope Dog the Bounty Hunter catches this guy. Not because I care about what he did…but because he will make the FBI look like shit.


Lol! I am with you on that one!

Yep, the right has completely abandoned their historic pro law and order stance adopting the new stance of attacking and mocking America’s enforcement institutions……off the rails………

Abandoned? FBI instigated January 6, they instigated a kidnapping the governor of Michigan. Lol they are infiltrating groups that they politically disagree with.

These agencies have 100s of Americans in jail as political prisoners, war heroes.

They abandoned America

Do you the FBI agents like Peter Paul Strzok and Lisa Page ? :thinking:
Or the FBI agents who had questioned Hillary Clinton about her email server scandal had actually been referring to her as “the president” ! and let her smashing cell phones and didn’t bother to do anything about the classified documents on perv Weiner’s laptop ? :thinking:

In other words, you didn’t even bother to read the first post of this thread. You just decided to TROLL when you think you can disrupt things.

(And you wonder why you continue to get knocked down on your low information left wing ass every time you pull this.)

Perhaps you should read (or find an intelligent person who HAS graduated el-hi public school) to read to you what I personally said about Dog the Bounty Hunter, how the man is a convicted and paroled felon. The man went to prison for aiding and abetting a homicide. His sentence was reduced when he provided information helping another conviction. I’m the last person to recommend this reality show star for any serious law enforcement.

As far as mocking America’s enforcement institutions, your NAZI president LIED about the mounted border patrol and the whips which didn’t even fcking exist.


Remember when you IDIOTS accused those officers of using whips? And a whip is not even a part of their gear.

Sometimes I wish those men had had REAL mule skinner whips. Those Haitian animals would have gotten their lazy, freeloading asses back across the Rio Grande in a hurry.

That’s your new face of law enforcement???

Have you ever contacted the fbi? Just wondering how they respond to your concerns. Ha

Let’s not forget the plants they had on Jan 6th!

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Forgive me, but every time I see Dog the Bounty Hunter, I get this image in my head.

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You mean the law enforcement you goose steppers admire so much?

Law enforcement shuts down Florida park to search for Brian.
I’m sorry I guarantee you any southern boy could find that retard ahella lot faster then some woke dweeb in the fbi… open that shit up and let the boys in.