Leaving California

An exodus sparked by high taxes, coronavirus lockdowns, and regulations has driven California’s population growth rate to a record low, which is projected to cost the state a seat in Congress and an electoral vote.

“This is a real sea change in California, which used to be this state of pretty robust population growth,” said Hans Johnson, a demographer at the Public Policy Institute of California, regarding the net migration loss, which has now occurred three years in a row. “It hasn’t been for some time now. But it’s now gotten to the point where the state is essentially not growing population-wise at all.”

According to a population estimate this week, 135,600 more people fled the Golden State than moved there, which marks only the 12th time since 1900 that the state saw a net migration loss. It is the third-largest drop recorded.

Johnson added that the population decrease could cause the state to lose a seat in Congress as well as an Electoral College vote for the first time. The state did not gain any seats following the 2010 census, which was also a first.

Residents have cited high taxes as a main driver of the decision to leave.

“I never wanted to leave California,” San Francisco real estate broker Scott Fuller said about his departure from the state after living there since 1983. “It’s the most beautiful state with the best climate. I think the tipping point was continued tax increases and even more proposed tax increases. … I have absolutely no regrets.”

Businesses have been fleeing California as well, and just recently, it was learned that tech giants Elon Musk and Larry Ellison were moving their companies, Tesla and Oracle, to more business-friendly states and taking tens of thousands of jobs with them.

Californians have also expressed increased frustration with state and local governments over strict coronavirus lockdowns, evidenced by large protests across the state and a recall effort aimed at removing Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom from office that has gained enough steam to cause his team concern.

The coronavirus pandemic has also forced many in California to work from home, which makes living close to work less important and a potential move easier to commit to, especially when the same salary can be earned in a less expensive state.

“It’s really sped up the out-migration quite a bit,” Fuller said about the shift to remote employment. “People have options now, and you pair that with people’s frustration on several different levels — I don’t see it changing.”

Wait socialism doesn’t work?


Not just socialism but all the goodies that go with it.

High taxes.

Cost of real estate due to regulations

The shutdowns.


It works very well it just hasn’t been correctly tried yet

Haha that’s funny…

California is overpopulated so people leaving is good and they can take their progressive ideology along with them to turn Wyoming and Texas purple…

And it will never work well.

It’s all about the pool running the government.

How many people running a country do not take advantage of their position for personal gain? Power, money, the ultimate corruptors of people.

How do you know it works very well? It has failed miserably everywhere it has been established. I guess “they” all got it wrong, or there is no getting it right. :thinking:

What is in your water and air to think that way???

If you’re referring to socialism, America already is and has been increasingly evolving as a socialist form of government, And yeah, with a regulated capitalist economy. The federal government takes from the collective and distributes goods, services and security socially. The federal government is an albatross, the biggest bureaucratic regulatory in the world…and it’s only increasing. And not just because of the left. The US saw the biggest expansion of the federal government since FDR under the Bush administration despite him riding into town on a horse of smaller government. And Trump has signed the three biggest budget deficits in American history.

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That is the power of SPECIAL INTERESTS influence of BOTH PARTIES.

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That was a common joke about socialism and communism I do not support either one. It’s supporters always believe it hasn’t been tried correctly and if they were the ones implementing it they would have created a utopia

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Guess they wanted to enrich themselves as all others have in the past. But it’s human nature and happens here, just look at Biden, Obama what they had before and after Obama’s reign.

With the residents of the land of fruits and nuts, other states will have to deal with these transplanted Soy Milk Latte drinkers ytying to run these states with their Liberalism.

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Its a proven fact that when the leftists migrate regardless of the reason they take their politics with them.

Colorado once a moderate state is now a leftist hellhole. At last the major cities are.

Seems to me that one of the criticisms of the so called “conservative” about socialism is that it comes with high taxes…:thinking:

Yes, of course it comes with high taxes. A real conservative would believe that we ought to pay for the government and its goods and services that we want.

For some reason the right thinks we need a military 10 times bigger and better than any other country has. They are the ones that claim after every democratic president leaves office that the military needs to be rebuilt…Clinton and Obama they insist, decimated the military.

In comes Trump who gives a massive increase to the military and simultaneously cuts taxes over 2 trillion dollars. And what is the result? The national debt approaching 28 trillion and four years of record budget deficits.

There’s nothing conservative about that. Republicans are absolutely hypocritical and irresponsible fiscal managers

Raise taxes Joe Biden and pay our damn bills…

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Don’t forget about the billions of dollars spent on stupid fighter jets that we don’t actually need.

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We don’t need fighter jets lol haha haha why because it has guns?

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Don’t forget the democrats and republicans in congress authorized the spending for every pork project in this country.

That’s because in order to get anything passed to actually help struggling Americans, Democrats have to accept the massive waste and pork that Republicans cram in to every piece of legislation.

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