Leaving California

China man mad lol tiny China man lol

Oh please don’t be so naive.

Do you really think the pork for the Metropolitan in NYC, $10 million for “gender programs” in Pakistan is sponsored by the right???

The way the left package their pork is in massive spending packages that cannot be vetoed without repercussions.


Those were the two presidents that had the least respect for the military.

What makes you believe the Dems are innocent about putting pork in bills.The Covid Relief Bill should stand alone without anything attached to it.

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I have my perfect job and I can afford to live in the beautiful San Francisco area, but I’m a shrinking minority. In SF they punish you for running a business and welcome you if you shoot heroin on the sidewalk. What could go wrong with that?

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Trump has the least respect for the military of any president in history.

From demeaning the generals, Gold Star families and veteran heroes, to vetoing our military funding bill, he’s a scourge on the office he held for one term and he’s being sent home because of it…

That is about as true as,I didn’t have sex with that women Miss Lewinsky.

Crazy to think how Democrats pushed proud Americans out of urban Boston New York Chicago Baltimore in the 70’s is happing again

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