Larry Johnson. It was Biden’s US that blew up Nordstream

Larry Johnson, former CIA

Blinken made a mockery of diplomacy.
The man has no clue.

Joo Biden is not only a shit showman, but is outright dangerous for the entire world.

We already know this, so where will this go?

Total collapse of Israel and the US.

These two countries are tied at the hip, not because of the wish of the American people, but because of the powers that be in Washington DC, financed by Wall Street in NYC.

America threw its cock and balls in the wood chipper and didn’t care if anyone noticed!

FJB! I hate this F-A-G-‘s!


Everyone knows the US blew up Nordstream.
Israelis support mass murder.

Another excuse to exfiltrate our wealth in the form of reparations when of course they are held liable.

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The purpose of blowing up the Nordstream was to force Germans to buy American liquid gas and to weaken Russia by preventing them from selling their natural gas to Germany.

No matter what fantastic stories Biden, Blinken and other neocons come up with, the Polish Foreign Minister and Lithuanian Prime Minister (I think) said it was the US that done it.

Except now the world sees that the US doesn’t play by the same rules that it wants the rest of the world to abide by. We are the bullies that the world wants to hate and that is fine by Soros and Obamas handlers.


If the US / EU confiscate 3 billion Russian assets in the west, that’s the end of the US and European economy. Nobody is going to trust the west.

I’m sure Russia will retaliate by confiscating the western (private) assets in Russia, but nobody will blame Russia, except the western governments and MSM.

I believe they are already passed a bill doing just that! Forgot what it is called.

College students who demonstrate against the genocide by Israel do not have any iron in the fire, so to speak.

Unlike during the Vietnam war, these students wouldn’t be drafted and sent to Vietnam. They are sick and tired of the Biden shit show and his blank checks given to Netanyahu.

In the name of oil the US totally destroyed my home country of Norway and no one cared when it happened. I would guess it’s the same for Sweden and Denmark too. The US is the empire everyone hates for one reason or another, but mostly for intervention in foreign lands they don’t belong but to exploit.

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Europe’s enemy is hidden in plain sight.

You talking about this?

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Did this woman pose naked at one time?


Dr Laura Schlessinger did. She’s also a Zionist Joo.
A total Hypocrite.

This is downright criminal and how will any country ever trust the US again if they decide to go through with this?

The U-turn of France and Britain on their boots on the ground in Ukraine

Gerrman Foreign Minister

She is not the sharpest tool in the shed.
Now I know why people always make fun of her.