Lake Attorney's Closing Argument: At Least 70K Votes Not Verified, Election

I don’t think this will do it … we either have to live with democrats cheating or do something else.

Already posted azzwipe.

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Sleepy Lou how you doing brother lol

Just post in this thread everytime he duplicates a thread or copies a topic
in this thread so we can keep a record of it!

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Keep stomping your feet toddler lol you tiny man lol

I hope true the vote steps up here.

Better than you tranny. Still looking for a free operation to complete your transition to complete asshole???

When are all of you going to stop with this childish bullshit?

When he stops duplicating other people’s threads and stop faking being a victim! He needs to be banned from here.

I get it, but why do you and the others feel the need to bite on everything he posts? You know as well as I do that he is just baiting you… and he wins every time.

He does post some good stuff. I respond when I feel it’s good stuff. Unless I’ve had too much Bourbon, I won’t respond to the bait shit. You guys just keep it going…lol.

There are no moderators here… even if there is. They obviously don’t give a shit, or, they are no longer here and/or bothering with this place.

I’m sorry… I just find this back and forth so childish… especially from people that I think are very intelligent, otherrwise.

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Like what? What does he post that is so interesting and not a copy from someone else here?

Bait? You mean mean like duplicating our threads? Using multiple accounts, being a pathological liar about everything? Claiming to be a victim, changing people’s headline topics, making racist comments towards members here, stalking members here through private messages

Some of us has had enough of him because this shit has been going on for the past 2 years and you are the only one who seems to want to be his friend and defend him while he is trolling other members here and contributes absolute zero to the conversations to this site.

At this point I am documenting everything he does that is considered adverse to this site or against the rules so there is a reference for the moderators to see.

He does all the things you say…baiting. You bite. He wins. I’m not his friend. I don’t give a shit about him.

Rules? What rules? I have never seen a moderator here. A few months ago there was an “influx” of “past” members that posted for a couple of days… and then, mysteriously vanished. Talk about some fishy shit…lol. Where is Monty? What happened with him? Was he banned? Why is JITTS not banned? What is with the constant bullshit on here with some of you? Personally, I smell bullshit all over on here… and I’ll just leave it there.

I know you are an influential poster and a founding member. I agree with you on 98% of everything you post. Jitts does post some good things, even if you (and others) can’t see through your contempt for him. He has, on numerous times, baited me also. Most times I let it go. Other times … I have taken the bait. My fault.

I don’t play favorite posters here. I just like to read the thoughts of like minded people… and Jitts is one of them. I’m positive that you also agree with some of the things he posts. You just can’t get past your personall distaste for him. That’s on you… and the others that follow blindly. I will not be one of you, no matter how much I respect you/the others as posters.


Dr’s contempt is justifiable and you are turning a blind eye to his negative behavior. I too was willing to give him a pass until he started with stalking through private messages in an attempt to intimidate me to like his posts. This should not be tolerated on any forum.

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I will say this, and few other things to address somethings you bring up

First off, out all the posters here you are one I probably respect the most. Not only are you a good person, you are consistent in your personal beliefs and carry yourself here with a degree of integrity.

I ask you what good things has he posted? He’s a copy cat who has no original thoughts of his own, which is why he continues to duplicate threads and posts here. Also just to point out another aspect of his passive aggressive behavior here, is the fact he never posts anything in threads I create that promotes discussion, it is always trollish behavior with snark and insults, behavior that he has been doing since 2020. And you wonder why I have contempt for him?

That is fine, but remember you are an enabler of his and we will not be party to that. Jason is not a good person, as he continues to lie and make negative contributions to this site by harassing other members here, and impune the characters of others here based on total deceit on a daily basis. (That is satanic behavior, not coming from a person with integrity)

Further more, he is a classic symptom of what is mostly wrong with Americans today. Always needs to win, even when it is him who is at fault, and can never own up to his own mistakes. He has to lie for the sake of his own ego and pride, then doubles down on the same lie when confronted with the evidence. That is pretty much Americans today. (not all) but most godless ones, and yes Jason is a godless person who has no shame or has a contrite bone in his body! Sure there are others here who are godless too, but some have a degree of integrity to follow the rules here by not doing the things that he does. He is the only one that does what he does here and that is why is is being singled out.

He has some serious personal issues that he projects onto others as well, instead of moving on, instead he has to hold onto grudges for the past 2 years based on false pretenses that I and others have duplicated his threads when that is simply not true and it was him who started this little shit show but fails to be contrite or honest about his own actions. I tried ignoring him and moving on, but he continues with his childish behavior, so now I am pushing back and documenting every time he decides to duplicate other people’s threads. Yes its true I have contempt for people who willfully are pathological liars and go beyond being a sociopath. If you want to continue supporting him knowing that he is not a good person and has no integrity then that is not on me but on you.

That is fine too but you are the only one here who supports this sites biggest problem and therefore are an enabler of his. That doesn’t mean I will stop having respect for you either, I am just calling it like I see it.

I have already explained that to you.

No he was not banned, and he probably will be back at some point. He is known be absent for long stretches of time and then suddenly reappears again.

Such as what? Am I pretending to be a secret agent? Talk about my accolades and accomplishments, or say that I am dating super hot celebrity models, travel the world, or claim I am someone famous who appears on Fox News then double down on that lie?

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We are all individuals on here, you know Manhattan wants to control everything, he wants the breaking news thread, he attacked Lou man all the time now they are friends because they built an alliance against me. Just weird.

Manhattan likes you because you don’t create threads, he hates Everyone that creates threads.
He tried to bully me like he did didgeville and lou man, but I tore his ass a new one. Now he’s stomping his feet, because he’s a dono to the site. He thinks he has a hierarchy. fcuk him, and his but buddy roaming. I appreciate you being an individual, and appreciating individuality.

I only speak the truth! “Jizzard” aka Jason Warren only speaks in lies and false platitudes of his fake victimology. (liberal leftist trait!) FACT!

That’s my girl

Self inflate your victim status again with more lies and assumptions and deny you ever did anything wrong. Your jealousy of Dr Manhattan is very obvious when you fail to get half the interest that his posts gets compare to yours. It’s why you duplicate his threads! You have no interesting threads or posts of your own that people here want read.

You still obsess over his comments says you have a personal problem and can’t let it go. You keep proving his point as being correct.

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