Ladies and gentlemen, we will be landing in Palestine shortly

Heck, Palestine doesn’t belong to Joos.

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How dare anyone deny the CHOSEN ONES thief of land be questioned !!!


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Genuine question if my ancestors forcibly evict your ancestors from thier home land say we did this in 722 BCE at what point in history would your ancestors lose the moral right to attempt to take back the land it’s hypothetical question in nature but it does hold relevance to the current Israel Palestine question

You must remember the Muslims force ruled over modern-day Spain for 800 years and lost control in 1492 recently the Islamic state (ISIS) wanted to take back control of Spain as they believe they have a moral justification why do Muslims continuously do this? They forcibly take land and then complain when it’s taken back from they still complain about the completely justifiable Crusades personally I want modern day Istanbul back to be renamed as Constantinople but I recognise that would cost millions of lives billions of dollars and is morally unjustifiable why is it only the Muslims that we allowed to behave like this you stole something it was stolen back why do they get international sympathy?

I agree.

The tragedy is that Turks from western Turkey have Greek DNA. Western Turkey was part of the Greek civilization for a long time.

Central Turkey where its capital Ankara lies was the region of Celts known in the Bible as “Galatians.” (Kelt = Galat)

Turks were originally from eastern Siberia, some of whom became (changed identiry as) Ashkenazi Joos in the 9th century while most of Turks became Muslims by the 13th century and invaded Anatolia. Additionally, eastern Turkey belonged to the Christian kingdom of Armenia.

What I’m implying is that today’s “Turkey” should not have existed.

Constantiople was the capital of what modern day English speakers refer to as Byzantine Empire they referred to themselves as the Eastern Roman Empire as they were founded on the splits of the Roman Empire no one referred to them as the Greek Empire yes it’s interesting that’s Turkish is not an ethnic group it’s a nation

Do you have a opinion on my initial question on when you lose justification on retrieving lost land?

A complex and yet very interesting issue.

A nation who loses militarily often changes its identity to that of the victor over the centuries. Culture, language and all that.

The Celts in what is France changed their language to a dialect of Latin which evolved into French, after they were conquered by the Romans.

The Celts across the Channel were conquered by the Romans as well, but the Roman influence was not substantial. What was decisive was the new invaders from northwest Europe, the Anglo-Saxons. Then came more invaders from Normandie, the French-speaking Scandinavians who added another cultural and linquistic layer to Britain. You don’t call their leader Willian the “Conquerer” for nothing.

This kind of political, ethnic, cultural and linguistic games are repeated all over the world.

Ok I’ll try to ask you the question one last time my friend if you don’t have an answer that’s fine but continuously shifting instead of just answering the question is not really helpful

■■■■■■ people lived in Israel since biblical times at what point did they lose the right to take back the land by Force and not be seen as Invaders but be seen as people restoring they old land

Listen it’s a difficult question I don’t have the answer I’m just looking for other people’s opinion on the subject

I thought I answered your question.
Ashkenazi Joos are Turks who converted to Judaism in the 9th century in what is today Ukraine / southern Russia. So they have ZERO right to the land of Palestine.

Palestinians on the other hand are descended from ancient Israelites, therefore they are the only rightful heir to the land.

You never answer to question you talked around in circles this is becoming very similar to arguing with a pigeon or playing chess of a pigeon

Palestinians accepted and even welcomed early Jooish settlers in Palestine. Until the latter started stealing Arab lands big time.

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When things around you seem hopeless and you are imprisoned on your own land watching your children disappear your women murdered , you never give up , you continue to fight for your land and your freedom !!!
in the last two weeks 14,000 Palestinians were murdered mostly women and children . Many babies killed in those hospital bombings by Israel . the joos knew you can’t move 2,000,000 in 24 hours .


It’s what joos do suck everything dry even the USA is a jooish tool .

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Here’s a little thinking exercise if someone hind in a house and shot at you with a gun and you said come out and fight me like a man we will have a gun fight out here in the fields and they said no so you shot back at the house and they said you can’t do that there are women and children in here would you just continue your family life randomly being shot at by the Coward hiding in the house with the women and children who supports him and his actions or would you have a pair of bullocks and fight back?

I would like to see a NO STATE solution , but I know thats impossible. Jerusalem belongs to Isrsael PERIOD!!! Not to the Pslstinians.
The best I would accept would be Gaza and the West Bank as two SEMI- AUTONOMOUS areas with LIMITED ISRAELI citizenship free of IRANS meddeling and without Abbas !!!
Its ALWAYS Israels fault with Palastinian civilian casualties and not HAMASS using them as shields by tunneling under schools , hospitals etc. Iguess those tunnels are an Israeli type Hollywood propaganda production .
Israel should tell SLOW JOE BIDETto.shut the F up and not interfere.

I agree with this. We should stay the f*** out of everything unless it has something to do with our country’s well being. Unfortunately, that is never the case. It’s always to protect/line politician’s pockets.


Mass murderers and their supporters…

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Sounds like the bullshit narrative the joos want the world to believe , hell when you have the jooish controlled media and the USA pushing the same bullshit because they know where all the money in the USA is controlled by joos . Want big campaign contributions stick to the jooish narrative !!!
Why did the joos imprison hundreds of children ? Why were so many palestinans in prison and never charged with a crime and not allowed to have visitors ? Why is the ratio of palestinians dead 15 to 20 times HIGHER than that of the joos ? Is this because joos are 20 times more valuable than ALL others ? Do the joos live up to the title of the CHOSEN ONES ? Is this what Gods childern do ???
We are witnessing the genocide of Palestinians and the calculated extermination of child bearing women . ENJOY

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First of all if there was a genocide against the Palestinian people why there birth rate so high why is there population gone from 2.1 million in the 1960s to 8.1 million in 2020 what type of genocide does that?

The reason much more Palestinians die than ■■■■ in the war is because Israel is funded by America they are funded by America because they have the most aggressive lobbying groups this needs to be stopped if you want your own ethno state Israel you have to fund it yourself

The circumstances I gave to your above are not false Hamas uses hospital schools and built up residential areas to disguise their activities and these are the locations they launch rockets from I’ll be quite frank if someone was doing this to me I’d destroy the whole area I wouldn’t care about civilian casualties they voted Hamas as their representation this is the consequences if they want to fight a gorilla Warfare and the population support it unfortunately civilian casualties are going to be necessary and that’s the situation either that or accept defeat and why would Israel do that and allow themselves to be mass slaughtered? Logically Israel cannot enter peace negotiations long-term with Hamas because her mass do not want to negotiate they want the end of Israel. Keep in mind Muslims believe at the end times even trees and rocks will shout out for the ■■■■ to be slaughtered allowing them no hiding places

Israel have very high level intelligence agencies there is pretty much no chance that the attack on October the 7th was not pre know about by the Israeli intelligent services Hamas are strategical retards for taking the bait and killing so many Israeli civilians and even Thai civilians who are clearly visibly not ■■■■■■ I imagine this strategical stupidity is the reason so many Palestinians are locked up the Israeli secret services probably know that these guys are working with Hamas and even if they are not why would the israelis go easy on a population that want them extinct what sympathy are they going to have amongst the Israeli population or the Israeli police military or politicians? The vast majority of people are on the Palestinian side they feel they have been unjustly treated that is the global consensus India did not gain freedom from the British Empire by fighting them as that was a battle they could never win Mahatma Gandhi used the salt tax to show that the Indians were being unjustly treated and then India was divided into three states India Pakistan and East Pakistan modern day Bangladesh if the Palestinians would stop banging their cousins and producing a retarded population this is a struggle they could win very easily instead they get themselves slaughtered and yet again Europe is going to have to bear the Brunt of the humanitarian crisis absolute joke

You don’t appear very researched on this topic but you seem to have strong feelings about it maybe you’ve been propagandaised maybe you should look into where you’ve got your opinions and feelings from

If I was in my house shooting at you and your family whilst hiding behind my children would you not blow my whole house up? Because if you was doing that to me I would definitely fight back

So it is OK to kill Palestinians because their birth rate is high, eh?

If the birth rate among Joos is low because too many Joos are gay and Jooish women have bloated ego, that’s their problem.

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You go from avoiding questions and dancing around questions to claiming I said something I Never Said hilarious