Ladies and gentlemen, we will be landing in Palestine shortly

This video is a few weeks old, recorded in the first week of Nevember.

What Scott Ritter is saying is this: Hamas is winning and does not need Hezbollah’s help in the north.

This is a once in a lifetime chance for the Arabs to eliminate Israel and political Zionism.

Nazi Germany was not what you think it was.

Nazi Germany actively created Israel.

Wow so Germany Lost World War 2
May in 1945 yet somehow they managed to found Israel in May of 1948 36 months later what is the matter with you do you believe the Nazis did this from a base on the moon or Antarctica or does this back to your time traveling theories or are you doing your other crafty trick where you rename something if you rename Britain as the Nazis then technically the Nazis founded Israel but only in your mind not reality absolutely mind boggling that you’ve existed this long without accidentally hurting yourself

How dare anyone defend themselves when surrounded by hate filled Muslims.

p.s. The native Americans think the same thing about you and every person in the US that lives on their stolen property which is the US today.

I cannot speak for the Native Americans. The land and poverty issues will have to be solved in a satisfactory manner in the near future.

But as American and Canadian citizens, the natives at least have the right to vote and other basic human rights. Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank, on the other hand, have no right to vote, no freedom of movement while Gaza is the world’s largest open air prison. In the Wes Bank, Israelis can come, demolish your homes and farms and steal you land at will, while your children can be taken hostage for years for no reason.

Just reading how 100 Christians were taken from Nigeria over failure to play the jizya tax you definitely need to pop over there for a holiday

Oh just so you know that both sides are bad Israel are trying to kick out a bunch of Armenian Christians

You see how that works I understand neither side like me you retard

Lucky them. Israel is bombing and killing Orthodox and Maronite Christians in Gaza.

Arrest moronic Christian Zionists (majority of them are Americans) for being accessory to mass murder.

Learn to use the question mark “?” when you ask a question.

If you write 25 lines in a single sentence, I wouldn’t know if you’re asking something or making a statement. LOL

If they can become the British monarchs, why not?

The little girl doing the Nazi salute is future Elizabeth II.

[Queen Elizabeth II Nazi Salute - YouTube]

What the israelis are doing to Christians in Gaza is nothing in comparison to what the Muslims are doing not that it’s a competition in who can treat Christians to worst but it would be much more preferential to be a Christian in Israel than a Christian under any Islamic rule you disingenuous lying fool

I don’t know if you asked me a question so I won’t answer it but I will claim I answered it in a later statement whilst talking around in circles and wearing stayed underwear because I don’t know how to wipe my behind never mind hold a conversation or apply any logic or reasoning to my poorly formed opinions which in most cases are outright lies

About time you learned.

Glad you’re admitting it.

In a previous statement you claimed that the royal family own and run England now you’re claiming that because the Queen done a Nazi salute as a little kid she is now a Nazi you really think she under the stood the political doctrine of fascism? And you really think she run the country? There you go some question marks for you you’ll ignore them again and continue to talk nonsense but they’re there for you again

Look here’s what you need to do to sort your life out you need to go to an Islamic held region not a holiday destination like turkey but someone like Palestine or Nigeria for you the closest destination would be Philippines Marawi now when you get there be sure to tell them how they’re following a so-called abrahamic religion you don’t believe in religion and just continue to be as disrespectful as you are but make sure you do this in a secluded area they do the rest for you

What are cheap attempts from a low IQ buffoon to look clever because you have no response to genuine criticisms of your low IQ worldview

Of course you cannot speak to anything but your hate.

Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank, on the other hand, have no right to vote,
ROTFLAO. Last election was in 2006 when Hamas took over. Why is it Hamas has had no election since??? DICTATORSHIP. Seems Hamas is the respo
nsible party.

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The election concerned the militarily occupied territory only.

Palestinians have NO say in the politics of Israel who runs the area, destroys Palestinian homes, steals Palestinian lands and kidnap children at gunpoint in front of their parents.

Not only did Hamas win they killed all of their political rivals and now the leaders of Hamas are billionaires living in Saudi Arabia or Abu Dhabi the real good guys the guys that organized terrorist attacks on civilians

And people end up supporting them due to their hatred of the ■■■■ ridiculous

Actually it was the joos who’s population that went from 806,000 to 8,200,000
in that timeframe . The palestinians population rate was less than 2% and in 1966 to 1969 they had a negative birth rate !!!
Over 84,000 Palestinians were murdered since 1948 and a mere 7600 joos .
Again when the media is OWNED by the joos what could be the truth ?

And how dare you hate the people who imprisoned your children and murdered your entire family tree !
I guess you would be ok with your family being murdered because there was a terrorist hiding 1000 feet from your home and the joos obitarated the entire area killing all you care about , i certain you would be forgiving .

The Israeli population increased but you have to keep in mind many people immigrated to Israel the Israel birth rates is currently 2.9 which is above population replacement the Palestinian birth rate is 3.57 but many Palestinians have left over the years I’ve met multiple Palestinians but have never been to Palestine it’s a documented fact that the Palestinian population has increased

Can you please explain to me how a population facing genocide has a birth rate of 3.57 America’s current birth rate is 1.64 are the American population currently facing a genocide?

What about if I voted for the terrorists and helped in their gorilla warfare actions by allowing them to tunnel underneath my home use my children’s school as a site to launch their attacks and supported my hospitals to be used as their headquarters and I celebrated every time a Western nation experienced a terrorist attack

You never answered my question about what you would do if I was attacking you from my house and hiding behind my children at the same time in that hypothetical situation what would you do? Would you fight back or would you go extinct? Because that’s the situation the Israel is currently facing

Here’s an example of why I lack Sympathy for the Palestinians a pizza restaurant in Palestine had the pictures of the hostages taken from Israel and the restaurant owner was posing in front of the pictures with a big grin on his face he’s actively engaging in propaganda when doing this trying to increase Palestinian morale whilst decreasing Israeli morale when Israeli military blew up his pizza shop and then I saw the same guy complaining that he shop had been destroyed and he’s children were in the basement when it happened what was he expecting to happen his a retard he must be the product of multiple generations of inbreeding to not understand how his actions were going to endanger his children

The Jooish population worldwide increased during the holocaust — which we at RH dubbed the holohoax.

Obviously, it was a hoax.
You’re trusting and defending eternal liars, thieves and murderers.