LA’s New Ordinance Is Meant to Destroy the NRA in Their County

Are you talking about the organization that is holding hands with the Russians, just wondering.

Whatever the fuck that means! You must be smoking that good chit to be buying in to such contrived narratives!

Hitler - Stalin - Mao - Po Pot - Kim, would have loved this council.

I think people know what I’m talking about , the fact you don’t means ziltch.

ah what does this have to do with the NRA that is holding hands with the Russians.

Yeah sure! Whatever you say!

I think what I find most interesting about the NRA is it’s holing hands with the Russians and the Idea that this organization has little to do with the gun owner but everything to do with the gun seller.

simply Google Russia and the NRA if you have no clue what I’m talking about.


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What the vast majority of people who died under the thumb of history’s lunatics, had in common, is, “THEY WERE NOT ARMED”.


Is there a ignore list , none answers I always dump the people who spit them out.

New Senate Report Alleges NRA Acted As ‘Foreign Asset’ For Russia Before 2016 Election, by the way it was your right wing senate.

Thanks - can’t wait to see what the Mueller report comes up with…oh wait.

Yeah we can start with you and your dumbass posts! Thanks for playing fishhead!

Can local governments be charged with discrimination???
This is more like extortion.

It’s just more fabricated BS.

Some of the NRA board members got duped into working with a couple of Russians claiming they were trying to start a similar organization in Russia.

It turned out to be nothing but a Russian intel Op aimed at embarrassing the NRA.

“Alleges”. Key word.

That is why I didn’t even bother with the troll!