La Palma Eruption and Mega Tsunami Information Thread

What is it?

La Palma is a volcanic island that is part of the Canary Island chain. Large portions of the island are unstable, and with the right conditions, could cause a massive landslide into the sea. High end estimates range between 50 and 200 km^3 of material, ultra high end estimates at 600+. The displacement, if it happens all at once, would cause a mega tsunami.
Recently over 5000+ small earthquakes have been happening under the island, indicating a magma swelling, which could lead to eruption and/or collapse.

Explanation of what would happen.

If the earthquakes are happening now, why would there be a tsunami?

The tsunami caused in this scenario is driven by the displacement of water due to the collapse of parts of La Palma into the ocean. This is 2.8 km^3 of material sliding during the Mt. St. Helens collapse.

Quake list (Please don’t spam refresh IGN)

Why does USGS not report these quakes?

USGS’s official stance is that they do not report earthquakes above 4.5 magnitude or meet certain conditions.,-137.19727&extent=52.69636,-52.82227&list=false&map=false&about=true&help=missing

How dangerous is it if it happens?

If you live directly on the coast, and the worst case scenario happens, potentially very bad. Travel times are 0.25-5 hours to Africa, 1-2 hours to Spain/Portugal, 3-4 Hours to Britain, 5-8 hours to Brazil and 9-10 Hours for the US. To estimate damage, treat it as worse than a Category 5 Hurricane storm surge in the US.

Infrequent Volcanic update reports


The Canary Islands Government has activated the Special Plan for Civil Protection and Attention to Volcanic Risk Emergencies (PEVOLCA) in the Cumbre Vieja area (La Palma) due to the increase in seismic activity registered in recent days.

Experts warn of greater intensity earthquakes and rockslides

Small landslides

Magma causing surface swelling

Infrequent (4 days) update on surface swelling

Twitter: 11-13 Million cubic meters of magma swelling


Webcam from Island (Occassionally down)

Near Island (Teresitas) (Also Occasionally down)

Dutchsinse-Earthquake monitoring

Information on the measurement process for quakes.


I hope this thing blows up and takes out the entire East Coast. It’s not the collapse I want but it’s the collapse we need. Godspeed, La Palma!

It’s definitely going to erupt but I doubt that it will be a cataclysmic event. If it’s a slow eruption we won’t see much in terms of waves or ocean activity.

Found a good live stream. It’s erupting.

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Welcome back everyone!

Here’s what I was able to find. Not looking good. I’m going to pack my stuff and get out of NY this afternoon.

La Palma mommy milkers - LIVE


Lava has blocked the roads hindering evacuation, the island could split in two and crash into the ocean, millions globally could be killed…not a word from the press.

Packing probably is a good idea.

Bumping for delicious La Palma milk.

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whelp guess its time to go mow the lawn since this is another nothin baconator

Have fun…shits getting real tho

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Me and the lads are comfy watching this unfold.


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The moment you see the island sliding into the ocean, you’ll have immediate regret.

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Nice sausage fest @BritBong

shits on fire yo


I can hang with my mates and still have my woman do her job. DM me for advice on how not to be a cuck.



The island could crack along the fault line and the eastern side slide into the ocean like Molokai has done in the past and create a massive tsunami.

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What’s the likelihood that this thing actually wipes out the east coast?

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No, is the simple answer, based on most research. The answer was the same in 2017 and it seems that it is necessary to confirm it once again in 2021.

I have known about this for a very long time. Funny seeing a dedicated thread on this very topic and people wishing for its destruction.

It would take out the majority of corruption and rot in the US in one fell swoop. How is that a bad thing?