La Palma Eruption and Mega Tsunami Information Thread

Anyone notice how many buoys have gone offline?

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There’s will be no tsunami………

Right…and nothing ever happens until it does.

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Ok, lemme know when the east coast is destroyed by a Spanish tsunami….

It’s still erupting.

The land is still inflating and the volcano is spraying lava high again.

Here’s a pretty reliable stream:

Its physics
And its inevitable
It WILL happen
Could be tomorrow
Could be in 2 weeks
Could be in a thousand years

Oh ok, I see…
Thanks for the warning….

If it destroys major d-bags like the Monty’s of the world house then I am happy! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

It’s going to be like the holocaust: Nothing will happen, but you will wish it did.

Current Status

Eruption intensified with new openings, occasional earthquakes, inflation has reached 30cm in some places

Raw Streams


Info links and FAQ:

We officially have a new vent opening, important to see over the next few hours if the new vent has compromised the structure at all.

Keep your eye on the area around the vent, shockwaves emanating from the new vent would be indicative of large displacements from the main vent.

Here is the latest development

See the grid pattern? It ain’t natural.

The question is why? How was this done? What is the motive for manipulating a Earthquake? To create a disaster in order to destroy more of humanity?

More conspiracy theories. Not even naturally occurring terrestrial movements of the planets extremely hot core can escape them….

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