Kwanzaa is a Fake Racist Holiday and Should be Banned


What does that mean?


We Three Kangz performs Here Comes Kwanzaa Claus


I’m not uninformed. I knew about the crimes. Why do you assume it was sarcasm?


You know you can’t have a Kwanzaa celebration without a KFC scented Yule Log.


Just once I’d like to debate a racist who isn’t a complete moron. I guess they’re non-existent, but I hold out hope.


You aren’t a serious person so no one will bother debating you. You don’t really have any arguments. When you can’t argue your way out of something you demand sources and then say whatever is provided isn’t to your standard. No thanks. That’s a waste of time.


Kwanzaa is for Kangs. On Kwanzaa, Dindu Claus from his equatorial workshop brings little balls of crack for da boyz and bitchez.


I can destroy any argument you can make from either side in less than 20 posts.

Those “sources” do not say what was said. The thing about links is, you have to read them to see if they support your argument. Because I will.

Now, what was the claim? Refusal of service wasn’t it?


How old are you?


So tell us why we should worship blacks and celebrate Kwanzaa.

I’ll wait.


Great question. It’s an excellent example of a strawman built on argumentum ad absurdum. Both of which are of course, fallacies.

Let me help you - who said you should do either one?


Boy, have you ever been to the south? I been told to go on and get from plenty of places I did not belong because I’m white. My source for that is I’m still standing which means I listened.

I’ve done the same by them. That’s just the way things are.

I will also add that you are hanging on one line in the OP and missing the intent. There is a double standard and you know it.


Amateur. You should have been around in the 60s when the real racists were working.


And yet you have made no arguments in this thread.


I am happy on this timeline. Things are about to boil over. I can just feel it and I can’t wait.


He loves virtue signaling and white knighting. Mention anything about his Mexican cowboys and watch out :rofl: no homo though.


I haven’t been a boy since before you could wipe your own ass sonny.

Yeah, I’ve been in the south a bit. South Carolina, Georgia, most recently Alabama. East Texas. I won’t stop to buy gas in that shit hole Mississippi.

Since you’ve done the same by them, that kind of ruins the whole double standard whine, now doesn’t it?

Hanging on one line? The claim? What was the intent?

I don’t believe in public accommodation laws, that’s why I asked. I know they are unConstitutional.

If some black person or group invited you to attend their fake holiday celebration, would you go?


How old are you?


Good Lord would you pay attention to your links. Did you watch that video? Did you pay attention?