Kwanzaa is a Fake Racist Holiday and Should be Banned


Correct. I asked a question. What would you like me to argue? Your feeeeeelings?



What does that mean?


About a decade ago…or more I asked our tile sub-contractor why he only hired blacks. How come I’ve haven’t seen any white person working for him in decade and half that I’ve known him.

His answer. Blacks have been discriminated all their lives…trying to learn a trade is hard enough as it is.

Then he asked me what would I do if I was in his shoes.

So I ask you all…what would YOU do under the same circumstances?

Or lets ask this.

If you have option to hire 1 of 2 individuals and both are white. Both have the same talent and experience but only difference is one a conservative and other is flaming lib.

Who would YOU hire?


Do you know who Jimmy Ruffin was?


This thread was about Kwanzaa and the whole black-only business bullshit that’s been going around.

Or been given handouts and advantages they squander their entire lives. Cry me a river.


So what.

What’s the difference?

My question stands.


Going around where?

Does your link say white people cannot attend?

If they invited you, would you go?


How about you read it and tell me.


What have you been denied and what have you done with what your were given?


I did. It doesn’t. So I’m wondering why you posted it.


In this case James…who happens to own his own business and wants to help his people who he feels have been discriminated.

He teaches them a trade, about responsibility etc.

So tell me…what the hell is wrong with that?


I have been denied guaranteed placement in academia and in industry based upon my race. I had to actually work to achieve what I have only to listen to the the most privileged group of people in the US whine about how hard ancestors they never knew had it.


Ok - so why is it wrong (as in literally illegal) for white people to do that?

If a white person did what your pal did, and hired only whites, he would lose his business.


There is no such thing as a guaranteed placement in academia. Are you claiming you are an academic?

You don’t think slavery was “having it hard”? How about the Jim Crow era?

Did you go to segregated schools? I did.

You ever live in a country where you are less than 1/10th of one percent of the population by ethnicity? I have.

Black people are not the most privileged group in this country. Wealthy people are. The ruling class.

Do you know who Jimmy Ruffin was?


@SneakySFDude I really appreciate you standing up for black people. I’ve always stood up for black people. It’s not worth getting stabbed over a seat.

Happy Kwanzaa.


Our laws are fucked…yes I will use that word because it IS the truth and I don’t know how else to explain it.

But what you’re advocating is doubling down on stupid when we should be talking about repealing such discriminating laws.

This is classic example of when goverment takes sides. We should be advocating that goverment itself must remain neutral at all times.


It is literally illegal for black (or anyone else) people to do it as well.


Black people don’t need me to stand up for them and I’m not. I stand for the country class against the ruling class.

I stand against ignorance and squabbling over crumbs.


What he is talking about would be perfectly legal if we repealed discrimination laws. I’m fine with this. I don’t want to deal with blacks in business. They always complain about how much things cost and always say something wasn’t done correctly to try to get money off the bill. It never fails.

If blacks want to have black only businesses that’s fine but only if whites can do the same.