Kentucky Sheriffs may go to jail to protect ‘Second Amendment sanctuaries,’ congressman says; attended first meeting: ‘Standing room only, feels stronger than Tea Party in 2010’

Continuing the discussion from Massive Militia 2nd Amendment Rally To Take Place At Virginia Capitol On January 20th 2020:

Kentucky Republican Rep. Thomas Massie thinks some local law enforcement leaders will be willing to go to jail rather than comply with state gun control laws they deem unconstitutional.

“Attended my first 2A sanctuary meeting today in Lewis County (where I live). Standing room only. Friends and neighbors spoke passionately and articulately. County officials unanimously passed a resolution,” Massie tweeted on Dec. 30. "This grassroots movement feels even stronger than the Tea Party in 2010."


Things definitely are heating up and getting very interesting. This could be our generation’s Harpers Ferry moment.

The people have been pushed far enough and now they are starting to push back. The elites should have realized that this was never going to work. No matter how much they think they are winning the silent majority always rises up and puts them in their place.


Globalists are starting to feel the sweat run down their neck. For decades they have kept us pacified and now a resistance mounts to resist their oppressive ways.

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This is starting to get insane. The fact that so many states are trying to turn law-abiding citizens into armed felons with the stroke of a pen is f’n madness.

A Second Amendment sanctuary shouldn’t be any more controversial than a First Amendment sanctuary. Imagine if a leftist Governor signed a law banning books he didn’t like, then sent police to search houses to confiscate them and arrest their owners, who would be charged with a felony. He could then have a book burning alongside of his massive gun melting. That’s what we are dealing with here.

Did Kentucky end up flipping blue too? That’s the last state I would have ever thought to have had a problem with gun grabbers.

Just like NYC, these people are playing footsie with the Supreme Court. Pass laws, get challenged, drop laws.

The SC needs to nip this crap in the bud once and for all.

Stop salivating over the thought of violence. Americans are law abiding citizens.

Orwells 1984 and the book Farenheit 454 is already upon us. The states with Dem Governors are establishing TOTALITARIAN government.
In Pa the AG has 80% receivers in his sites.Va with its attempt to use the NG to confiscate LEGALLY owned firearms in violation of the law not allowing the military to enforce law.
When the Sheeple nationwide wake up before its to late.

We are. Until they make laws that make us felons.

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This is all a game for the left. They will turn a bunch of innocent citizens into criminals, jail a ton of innocent people and ruin lives, then when their nonsense gets challenged at the Supreme Court they will strike down the law. They don’t care who gets hurt in the process, as long as it’s not them.