Katlin Bennet Gets Kicked Out of a Bernie Sanders Speech Event

Proof positive that the Left is Intolerant of Free Speech! They can’t debate with people who disagree with their views, so they shut it down at any chance they will get. What is the left so afraid of? Maybe of being exposed for the frauds that they are?

Is anyone really surprised by this behavior? Bernie Sanders is a multi-millionaire and he is proud of it! He’s a part of the elite now. As a member of the elite Bernie Sanders gets to kick journalists and anyone else who he perceives to be a lesser being out of his events and his presence. Unless you are there to worship at the ego of a man who has never held a full-time job and is entire life then you should expect to be ejected. He’s a multi-millionaire. You can be a multi-millionaire too if you write a best-selling book…but if you write that best-selling book when Bernie Sanders is president he will take your millions from you. The millions he earned off his book are fine though.

The event was by invitation only. She wasn’t invited. Closed to the general public. Even your most die-hard Bernie Bros would be kicked out. What do you guys not get about this?

It was not! It was announced as a public event! What part of that don’t you get?

She was probably kicked out because shes an extreme right-wing conspiracy theory nut, who has taken photos of herself on a college campus, brandishing an assault rifle.
I cant blame them for not wanting her there.

If this is precedence, then ejection, even violent ejection of Indivisible chanters at GOP events should be A- OK.

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She’s works for INFO Wars! Your hyperbole is astonishing at times! And you wonder why people here don’t take you seriously with such comments?

In many states it is perfectly legal to open carry. That includes rifles. Sad you don’t know this. All Americans should.

I forgot that people here actually take info wars as anything other than conspiracy theory, right wing entertainment

I do know this, but its in bad taste, especially on a university campus

Whatever! Its about the same as your leftists propaganda BS you guys like to peddle out as news on a daily basis! So your point is?

Just because you don’t agree with the content that is published doesn’t mean they don’t have a protection under the first amendment.

Dave is just another wannabe Commie pretending to be all about American Democracy! Don’t believe a word of his BS!

Security at that event made a decision, based on things she has said and done. How is this any worse than Trump yelling for people to be punched and carried out of his rallies?

Thanks all-wise, all-knowing doc.
And you blame the left of fascism

Correct but to the MSM like MSNBC it’s the gold standard these days.

Here is what I think your false equivalency! You come here practicing your intellectual dishonesty on a regular basis and just calling it out for what it is!

Speaking of intelligence… your responses are always insightful and thought provoking

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Just because you disagree with me, you call me disingenuous, commie, etc, etc.
Thanks dude