Kamala is After Your Guns!

Make no mistake if Kamala gets into the White House, her agenda is to take your guns! Collin Noir makes a good argument with Tucker last night!

Never kid yourself, that is a key policy plank for all of the dem’s running for national office whether it is stated or not. She’s just completely honest about it.

One thing is for certain to me, if some how in a sinister twist of fate she and Biden win, things are going to get a lot worse, and I don’t say that lightly!

Sadly, either way it’s going to get a lot worse for all of us.

I’d rather take our chances with Trump than the latter! Sure things are certain to get worse but at least I won’t have a return of Obozo policies that undermines my constitutional rights.

What changed your outlook on things currently?

A Trump win means the violence we’re seeing now escalates exponentially.

A Biden win insures we go hard left.

No matter how the election comes out, both sides are going to challenge it and fight right up to the last possible day to overturn what each thinks is the final outcome.

There is no possible outcome that ends with a less divided US after election day, only one even more divided because our divisions are so deep I don’t believe it can be mended.

That is a pretty bleak outlook! I only share that outlook if the rule of law is not reestablished. IE: Holding those responsible for “Spygate”! A Trump second term is an opportunity to fix the things that that swamp is trying in Ernst to destroy. See Romney!

Kamala will take our guns if that is what’s popular. She has no “bedrock principles” and just does whatever is politically convenient at the time. Kind of like having an affair with Willie Brown.


Any retaliation to black aggression will be met with immediate calls from media to ban your speech and confiscate your guns.

This is post-truth America. They are in their own clown reality. They hate you and they are looking for any excuse to send people to kill you.

Honestly you should be preparing for war. You are not safe. The enemy is coming for you.

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Gun grabbers wanna take your guns away b/c they’re too lazy to work and buy their own

Mostly they believe if they regain power with a sweep in Nov they’ll never lose it again and will be able to use the force of gov’t to subjugate us completely hence the reason to disarm us.

If our votes don’t matter the only way we have left to influence the gov’t would be through force of arms. No arms, no means left to assert that force without starting over from scratch and then attacking and disarming cops, federal LEO’s and by raiding military supplies which would come at an insanely high cost.

I honestly think the violence will tone down until the next election. Eventually these little punks have to get a hangover.

All the left wants to do is create chaos. They have a severe death wish.

All the faithful Americans will only have so much patience, but still will stick to the rule of Law.

I can say this, I just bought a 4 acre plot of land. I’m building a range as task 1. I’m building a house out there at one point but I’m starting with a garage with a room and kitchen for weekends. I’ll build me one hell of a garden. :smiley: So essentially, I’m getting out of the city. Whether that’s in 10 years when I retire or in 6 months largely depends on how insistent the left is on riots and violence. I’m actually looking at the 12 acres next to me and debating whether or not it’s worth the money. :thinking:

As long as there is plenty of water underground and cheap enough, then land is worth it. At the very least if the leftists take over, you can build some government financed homeless high rises.

It’s 45 minutes outside of Houston and about 10 miles from the nearest town… I’m going to be a selfish bastard and keep it all to myself. :smiley:


I’m thinking 16 acres with my house dead center will be ideal. :smiley: Plus… I get to buy a tractor!!


It does sound good. Did you watch the documentary “Unsustainable-The UN’s Agenda for World Domination” ?excellent…They want to rezone all rural land move everyone into China-like high rises and make us Mask Wearing lunatics.

Make sure you get the mineral rights too. You never know what is under there.

No one down here will sell them with the property. I offered another $25K and they just flat turned it down.

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