Kamala Harris Says 220 Million Americans Have Died From COVID-19 In The Last Several Months

Okay so Kamala starts off mega hyper like she’s on the Colombian Marching Powder, she is having a Campaign Rally to what looks like 2 people, she then announces to them that during the last several months 220 MILLION Americans have died from COVID-19.

No wonder she was picked to be Biden’s running mate, not only is she an idiot like him she’s a lying idiot like him.


Kamala apparently can’t figure out deaths are only around 5% of those with the virus.

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These figures come straight from


Depopulation of the US.
Meaning: Current US population minus the whites.

Who is running this mysterious site?

Aren’t the powerful individuals behind Biden and Harris whites?
They consider themselves different (and superior to whites).

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Wow I’ve never seen that website before.

They might look sort of white but no privately they don’t consider themselves white.

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Read this:

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Actually 2.5% is more realistic. Remember the infected are this tested positive and doesn’t;t account for those that went untested.

White genocide.

This subject is not for the sheep.

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Alex Jones is not for the sheep, either.
You have to be smart enough to take in what he really wants to say.

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220 million deaths. She spent too much time near Biden; and it proves my theory, dementia is airborne.

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That is simply amazing!

Two-thirds of the American population–dead from the coronavirus!

Whoda thunk it?

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This slut is as bad as AOC , her and slow Joe could hold a candle to the three stooges .

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Not to change the subject, but here is Kamala Harris committing a crime on camera by campaigning at a polling place.

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Silly , blacks can’t commit crimes . :roll_eyes:

You might want to read the last several posts in this thread:

Blacks may well end up saving this republic

When in the hell are you guys going to realize 13% of the US population that votes 80% democrat will never save shit . Blacks like Ice Cube and 50 cent simply want MORE AND MORE for blacks once that’s done screw whitey . Trump committed 500 BILLION TO BLACKS . Trump and Ice Cube developed something called the “Platinum Plan” for black Americans. Again no white poor included , doesn’t poor white votes count ?.

Didn’t YOU say " Kamala Harris committing a crime " ???

Your racism and stupidity are blinding you to the current numbers.

FIRST: There is a surge in black support for Trump to over 40% as we vote. That number is probably too high in reality but the trend is real and has been for a few years.

SECOND: It is a proven fact that a 20% black vote for Trump will kill Biden.

Do the Math.

You talk about how blacks have voted in the past, but you fail to take into account that radical changes in voting habits across the board have been happening in recent times. The fact that Biden might win indicates that half of the white population now embraces socialism. That would have been unheard of several elections ago. But you cannot wrap your head around the possibility that there could be a radical change among blacks too, and that is because hate blinds you.

See this article:

" . . . Even 20 percent African-American support for Trump would all but dismantle Democratic Party presidential hopes for 2020. Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election with 88 percent of the black vote. That was about a six-point falloff from Barack Obama’s share of the black vote in 2012.

But far more importantly, an estimated 2 million of the African-American voters who cast ballots for Obama in 2012 simply did not show up at the polls in 2016 to vote for the off-putting Clinton.

Even a small drop in African-American turnout or anything less than the usual 85 percent to 90 percent supermajority for a Democratic presidential candidate on Election Day can prove fatal .

Why thank you !!! You are who I knew you were . :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

Fucking hilarious !
Why is White Pride racist while Black Pride is considered positive . Black pride is a movement encouraging people to take pride in being black White Pride, on the other hand extremely racist . Is everyone comfortable when whites don’t talk about their whiteness ? Should I celebrate when blacks do ? Trump is giving 500 billion to BLACKS and no one questions it , What if Trump said he was giving 300 billion to whites , what would you say ? I’m waiting for white pride month , never happen . Who the fuck is the blind one here ??? :rofl: The New Black Panther Party have made genocidal threats for years and it seems ok with most . Just get the votes who cares what they really think .GOT IT !! :rofl:

Lets do the math as you pointed out how many Americans are POOR ?

How many POOR Americans are white ? Clue 17,500,000 / Hispanic considered white 16,000,000

How many POOR Americans are black ? Clue les than 7,000,000

How many white Americans voted in 2016 ? 65%

How many black Americans voted in 2016 ? 53%

How many votes did witch Hillary get ? 66 million

How many votes did Trump get ? 63 million

Why not keep ignoring POOR whites ? Keep preaching bullshit .

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Then why do experts say that 20% of blacks voting for Trump “dismantles” Biden’s campaign