Kamala Harris is going to be relieved of VP Duties

The recent reports show a lack of confidence in her ability to do anything, why?

Why are you reporting fake headlines here? Where in anything you are posting is there proof of the VP is going to be relieved of her duties? Stop posting bullshit here in order to get attention.

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not fake if ya want look at CNN if you actually believe what they say or Fox News, USA Today, Washington Examiner

You didn’t post it your OP its not up to us to do searches on stories that you are solely responsible for. The burden of proof is on you not us, so stop being lazy and stop making up fake stories.

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read politico dude When Vice President Kamala Harris finally made the decision to visit the Mexico border last week, people inside her own office were blindsided by the news.

For days, aides and outside allies had been calling and texting with each other about the political fallout that a potential trip would entail. But when it became known that she was going to El Paso, it left many scrambling, including officials who were responsible for making travel arrangements and others outside the VP’s office charged with crafting the messaging across the administration.

The handling of the border visit was the latest chaotic moment for a staff that’s quickly become mired in them. Harris’ team is experiencing low morale, porous lines of communication and diminished trust among aides and senior officials. Much of the frustration internally is directed at Tina Flournoy, Harris’ chief of staff, a veteran of Democratic politics who began working for her earlier this year.

In interviews, 22 current and former vice presidential aides, administration officials and associates of Harris and Biden described a tense and at times dour office atmosphere. Aides and allies said Flournoy, in an apparent effort to protect Harris, has instead created an insular environment where ideas are ignored or met with harsh dismissals and decisions are dragged out. Often, they said, she refuses to take responsibility for delicate issues and blames staffers for the negative results that ensue.

I don’t fucking care! I am not going to read something just because you tell me to. Either post your sources that backs up your story or do not post it all! Its quite simple! Get that through you thick head! Stop trying to make shit up here for the sake of getting attention. Most of us are tired your stupid posts here!

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There’s enough real news out there.

Kamala Harris Was Unpopular Before She Became Vice President. Nothing Seems To Have Changed.

Harris’ attempts at evolving her political image away from being a law-and-order prosecutor have been disingenuous and unconvincing.

ERIC BOEHM | 11.16.2021 12:00 PM


At Monday afternoon’s signing ceremony for the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, Vice President Kamala Harris stepped up to the microphone to speak—just as someone else was being introduced.

“Please welcome Heather Kurtenbach,” the White House’s announcer said, calling up the union activist who joined Harris and President Joe Biden at center stage for the event.

Harris wasn’t having it. “In a moment,” she said, with a nervous chuckle.

Yes, it was nothing more than a brief, awkward moment during a series of forgettable speeches. But it was also fitting, given this week’s news cycle about the apparent disharmony between Harris and the White House. “Key West Wing aides have largely thrown up their hands at” the vice president and her staff, CNN reported on Sunday. Harris’ confidants, meanwhile, seem to believe she is being deliberately sidelined by the White House.

The palace intrigue should hardly be surprising. Pretty much all presidents and vice presidents have rocky moments in their relationships. Given the results of this month’s elections in Virginia and elsewhere, coupled with ongoing economic inflation and polls showing Republicans gaining a huge lead in the early phases of next year’s midterms, Democrats’ fuses are understandably growing short. Like a baseball team mired in a losing streak, the White House needs someone to blame for the recent run of misfortune and the finger-pointing in the clubhouse is now spilling into the media.

Harris’ biggest problem, however, isn’t that some anonymous staffers in the White House are snarking about her to reporters. It’s that polls show the vice president to be deeply unpopular with voters—even less popular than Biden, whose approval numbers have been underwater since August. A recent USA Today /Suffolk University poll found just 28 percent of voters approve of Harris. As Politico notes, even famously despised former Vice President Dick Cheney never saw his approval ratings tumble so low.

Even among Democrats, Harris lags. That same poll found that 63 percent of Democrats and 57 percent of Biden voters approve of Harris’ handling of the job. By comparison, 83 percent of Democrats and 78 percent of Biden voters give a thumbs up to the president.

Those low approval ratings make Harris a convenient scapegoat for the White House and likely reflect some of the political and policy missteps Harris has taken during her first year as vice president. She was put in charge of handling the administration’s diplomatic efforts with “Northern Triangle” countries (El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras), which are where many of the refugees seeking to cross America’s southern border are coming from. That’s a tough assignment, to be sure, but Harris has bungled it.

Called in as a last-second surrogate to save Terry McAuliffe’s doomed Virginia gubernatorial campaign, Harris delivered this thoroughly underwhelming moment that seems like a perfect metaphor for Democrats’ current electoral malaise:

None of them are singularly debilitating, but there’s an undeniable pattern here. Harris’ aides can complain all they want to CNN about how the White House is “consistently sending her out there on losing issues in wrong situations for her skill set,” but they should consider the possibility that the real problem is that Harris seems ill-equipped for so many situations.

At a time when politics mostly just makes people angry, few politicians are genuinely well-liked. But being disliked isn’t a political death sentence, either. Indeed, some politicians thrive in the role of the heel—perhaps none as well as former President Donald Trump. Others survive being unlikable because they hew to certain principles, a strategy that requires occasionally doing the unpopular thing.

Harris has neither of those options as a backstop.

Her flame-out during the presidential primaries suggests that she was never all that popular with Democrats to begin with. Her attempts to be more pugilistic ended in humiliation. Elsewhere, Harris’ sloppy attempts to rewrite her biography to seem more hip—everything from possibly lying about listening to Snoop Dogg while she was in college to definitely lying about her history of opposing drug legalization—attest to an uncomfortable relationship between who Harris is and who she’s trying to convince you she is.

As for principle, well, that’s even a bigger joke. Harris is a cop and that won’t change no matter how many times she tries to awkwardly mouth the buzzwords of the progressive youths. If you’re the type of person who defends dirty cops, throws poor parents in jail when their kids miss school, or laughs at the idea of inmates being denied food and water, then you’re probably never going to be believably woke.

Where does that leave the vice president? Harris is a law-and-order politician in a party that no longer has much room for cops and heavy-handed prosecutors (unless they’re prosecuting the right people). Her attempts at evolving her image have been disingenuous and unconvincing. And now she’s tethered to a sinking ship of a presidency, and she doesn’t seem too interested in helping to bail—only in complaining that her feet are getting wet.

And, no, don’t chalk up Harris’ poor poll numbers or criticism of her political performance to sexism and racism. Of course, that might play a role in how some voters see the vice president, but there are plenty of more popular politicians out there who are racial minorities and/or women. Harris’ popularity problems are her own.

“Perhaps the worst-kept secret in Washington is that tons of Democrats are terrified of the prospect of Kamala Harris becoming the Democratic Party presidential nominee at some point in the future,” wrote liberal political blogger Matthew Yglesias in July.

The good news for Democrats is that Harris’ time on the national political stage—from her flailing presidential primary campaign in 2019 through her current struggles—suggests they are in no danger of having Harris at the top of a presidential ticket anytime soon. That’s good news for the rest of us, too.

More good stuff:

The Collapse of Kamala Harris


November 17, 2021 6:30 AM

That America’s voters disdain Harris as much as they obviously do gives me an extraordinary amount of hope for our future. In December of 2019, I celebrated Harris’s departure from the presidential primary with a “good riddance” that turned out to be woefully premature: “May Harris’s failed attempt,” I hoped, serve to “destroy her career and sully her reputation for all time.” Alas, the first part did not happen; on the contrary, Harris was springboarded up to within a heartbeat of the most potent office in the land. But the second part? Well, I got that in abundance. We are now ten months into this baleful presidency, and already Harris is the most unpopular vice president in history. And they say Christmas doesn’t come early!

Harris’s apologists like to insist that she is as unpopular as she is because she’s a non-white woman. But this explanation gets the cause of the disapproval backwards. Kamala Harris isn’t disliked because she’s a non-white woman; Kamala Harris was chosen as vice president because she’s a non-white woman, and she’s disliked because she has nothing to recommend her beyond those facts. In the highest of high dudgeon, her defenders will propose that this is Joe Biden’s fault, for not “using” Harris correctly in her role. But this too is unjust. In truth, there is no good way to “use” Kamala Harris, because Kamala Harris is a talentless mediocrity whose only political flair is for making things worse than they were before she arrived.

At CNN this week, Donna Brazile suggested that the White House should keep “the vice president on the road almost constantly” — which sounded like an eminently pragmatic way of ensuring that Harris remains safely out of the way until I realized that Brazile was envisioning Harris using those trips to talk to American voters. Harris, Brazile added, “is a wonderful messenger.” But is she? Really ? Think back over Harris’s entire career. Can you find a single utterance of hers that has so much as approached being compelling or worthwhile? I doubt it. Harris is not interesting, she’s not substantive, she’s not provocative, or innovative, or wry. She’s not funny. She’s not amiable. She’s not accomplished or persuasive or adroit. She’s a heedless, cowardly, cackling cipher — an insipid, itinerant woolgatherer, whose first instinct in any situation is to resort to farcical platitudes or to suggest wanly that we should all have a “conversation about that.” Were she to be cast in a kids’ movie, it would not be as the hero, but as the ghastly mid-level bureaucrat who sends the hero’s dog to the pound halfway through the second act. All in all, there is no reason for anyone to be shocked by Harris’s failure, because there was no reason to anticipate that she’d end up as anything else. Presidential campaigns start off as vanity exercises in which overpaid marketing teams present their candidate as their candidate wishes ideally to be seen. When Harris was such a candidate, she gained 3 percent support in the polls. What, exactly, did her team think was going to happen when she was forced into the real world?

And what did Joe Biden think? Whatever it was, the gamble clearly did not come off. Were Biden more popular — and more alive — the disesteem in which his vice president is held might serve as a mere inconvenience. “Ah well,” he might think, “at least she’s not a threat .” But Joe Biden is not popular — and he’s not obviously alive, either — which makes his having chosen such a dud of an heir apparent a “big f***ing deal.” Absent a Nixon-Agnew-style cataclysm, the next cast of Democratic primary voters is going to have to choose one of three excruciating courses for 2024: (1) ask an 82-year-old Joe Biden to run for the White House again; (2) ask Kamala Harris to step in and take the reins; or (3) rip the party apart with a vigorously contested primary that, given the long lead-times that mark American politics, would last in one form or another for the lion’s share of Joe Biden’s post-midterm presidency.

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