Kamala Harris Announces Run For President


The dems will go for a double, female minority. A giant first.

You can then be labeled a racist and misogynistic
Maybe a double deplorable can be added or a yet unnamed equally satisfying label.


She strikes me as someone who’s a paraphiliac if you ask me.


I had to look that up :astonished:


I just saw the mutt lady on tv - CNN announced her speaking to a small crowd as “breaking news” so now we know who the media is backing.

What is this bitch’s problem? As soon as they put her on TV she immediately started talking about slavemasters and sheeeit.

Is she trying to outdo Obongo as racebaiter-in-chief? Is she the mother of Saint Trayvon of the Blessed Hoodie, the skittles-wielding infant who could do no wrong?


Her credentials and backing mirror Obama pretty closely.

Problem for her is that she lacks charm and any middle ground appeal.

She will get a lot of support, maybe even knock Pocahontas out early.

Bloomberg and Cuomo are the ones to watch IMO.


She’s a big gun-hating liberal. No thank you.


Ah - a battle of New Yorkers would be interesting and somewhat odd.


She is eligible. All that matters is being born a US citizen.


That’s not what the Constitution says.


It says “natural born citizen”, which means what I said.


It means what you said because you say so? Great source there champ. The issue hasn’t been decided yet by the courts - and if you read this thread instead of trolling it - you would find that it isn’t as cut and dried as you incorrectly claim.


I imagine a pouty Veruca Salt


Now wow why would you imagine that?


I understand the matter is not cut and dry (it’s fuzzy and a little damp). As a prudential matter, I think court decisions ought to be taken as evidence. But, let’s say the Supreme Court rules that Kamala Harris is eligible for the presidency. Do you think that the people who contest her eligibility would accept it quietly? Or would we hear cries of an “activist” court?


Do you believe the Constitution says what is actually written or whatever the Supreme Court says they “think” it means?


If this woman wins the Democrat nomination

Trump is a shoe in for reelection



I think that it’s meaning is fixed for as long as has it has the same text and amendments. Our understanding of it either becomes either more accurate or less accurate over time.


We will be faced with if you don’t vote for her you’re a:

  1. racist.
  2. A woman hater.
  3. Both.


Just remember to use the handle for her “#HeelsupHarris” so to remind people of her dubious distinction.