Kamala Harris Announces Run For President


“For the people” What a clever campaign motto. :wink:


Agree. This angle isn’t going anywhere. She has better standing than Obama had IMO.


“By Statute” is not “Natural Born”

That being said, the eligibility boat had already sailed when Republicans accepted the precedent by running Cruz and Rubio. The chance to contest it has long gone stale.


For the people’s republic (of China) would have been too obvious.


I didnt say natural born, I said a citizen.


You said she’s qualified. I assumed you meant for President. If she is a citizen by Statute and not a natural born citizen she is not eligible to run for President. The Constitution is clear.


Kamala Harris Assembles Campaign Staff Of Unpaid California Prison Laborers

WASHINGTON—On the heels of yesterday’s announcement that she would be running for president, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) reportedly began staffing her campaign Tuesday with unpaid inmates from California correctional facilities. “I’m so grateful to have such an incredible and devoted team headed up by my new campaign manager, Spider, as we work together to fight for American values,” said Harris of the two dozen non-violent criminal offenders who would reportedly work shifts of up to 72 hours out of her campaign office in exchange for three square meals a day and all the “Kamala Harris 2020” merchandise they could carry. “Whether it’s knocking on doors, leading focus groups, making phone calls, or helping prep me for upcoming media appearances, my entire staff will be comprised of unpaid prison laborers. Not only will this cut campaign-related expenses by up to $20 million, it will also allow inmates to spend time in the community and provide them with valuable work-related opportunities.” Harris added that due to a quirk in California state law, most inmates would be ineligible to work for other political campaigns once they’d been released from prison.


I was talking about qualifying to be president


That ship has sailed. She was born here; that’s good enough anymore.


So you guys are arguing with me just to argue then. I mean that’s literally what I said in the very same post you quoted. :laughing:


That she will be allowed on the ballot does not necessarily mean she is actual eligible for the office.


I am not arguing, I am agreeing. She is as qualified as Cruz, Rubio and Jindal to be elected President regardless of the strict interpretation of the “natural born citizen” requirement cited in the Constitution. That issue is no longer valid.


Which is to say she isn’t but nobody gives a damn.


Then it’s time to quit bringing it up and focus on who the candidate is and what they stand for Instead of fussing about the citizenship of their parents.


Err no, just because everyone else has decided to ignore the constitution doesn’t obligate me to join them.


That’s your prerogative Mr. Quixote. :wink:


shrug It’s a matter of principle, besides, it’s not like typing it on a message board is hard work. I’m certainly not going to allow dopey libs to shut me up about it by calling me imbecilic names.


That’s kind of what Don Q said. :wink:


You mean Donkey Hoaty?


Here’s a preview of things that will come out in more detail as the truth about the slut comes out. Be sure to watch the video near the end of the article.