Kamala Harris Announces Run For President

She is not a natural born citizen. Neither of her parents were American citizens. She is not eligible to run. Attempting to run is a crime, in fact an attempt to overthrow the government, and is treason.




I predict she’ll only campaign in CA, NYC, and Chicago, then wonder why every other place didn’t vote for her.


Kamala Harris got her start in politics by dating the Speaker of the California Assembly who is 30 years her senior and married. He helped her get important appointments and leveraged his connections to help her campaign and fundraise. Willie Brown has been investigated several times by the FBI for corruption, but they have only convicted his associates and never him personally. Willie Brown was later elected as Mayor of San Francisco.


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Kamala Harris is the worst of the worst. She’s the half Indian, half Jamaican daughter of two wealthy and successful doctors. She did not have a typical African American experience at all, but she larps as a strong black woman. You’ll never hear her give credit to her Indian side. Just another leftist race faker.

And yeah, she fucked an old married man for career advancements, and now she’s married to a (((white guy))).

I don’t know much about this Constitutional eligibility issue that OP posted but I wouldn’t be surprised. She is a scam artist and always has been - literally got into politics by being a cumrag for old married Democrats.


As far as her eligibility goes. The standard is no longer natural born citizen, it’s born on American soil or foreign born with at least one American parent. Did you miss a constitutional amendment? No, the courts decided we don’t have standing when it comes to Presidential eligibility on their own. So the standard is whatever the DNC or GOP says it is.


Kamala will be laughed at by people in the middle of the country. Hillary had a better chance of beating Trump than she does.

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This. Hilldawg had name recognition and ties to Bill, whom many have fond memories of as President. Obama had charisma. Kamala is a literally who to 3/4 of the country, and she has less charisma than stale oatmeal. The only thing going for her is being a mixed black, and increasingly more and more people are turned off by that as the left goes full throttle “fuck whitey” into identity politics.

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When the hell did that happen? The language of the Constitution is clear and plain. I don’t remember this ever being formally challenged.

Citizens attempted to get the courts to hear cases on Obama’s eligibility, they were denied for lack of standing over and over.

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Another failure to launch dud for the Democrats. :rofl:

Her announcement video was incredibly low energy.

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It can still be challenged in the courts!

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Exactly - just because the courts refused to hear something doesn’t mean that a decision has been rendered by a judge. They only refused because it would have been racist to challenge the anointed one.

You don’t? It went all the way to the Supreme Court after Obama “won.” They summarily punted it. Like most things.

But it won’t be racist to challenge another half black candidate? Yeah, that makes sense.

Kamala Harris: For the Money and Power would be far more honest.

California dreamin on such a winters day.

Ole Willie sure must have had fun wid dat.


Back during the Obama years not everything was racist like it is now - only challenges to the anointed one were considered racist. Now that everything is racist no one cares. It’s become a joke. They pushed too hard with identity politics and it is starting to backfire.




Identity Politics is too toxic now. Let the left double down on the madness. The left is done. This woman is a shadow of what the left will be remembered by, on life support, in its final days. Something new will take its place after trump’s second term.


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I hope you are being facetious right?