Kamala Harris Announces Run For President


LOL her greatest threat is Voter ID. She’s worthless. Her and Newsom are puppets that are looking for a lager paycheck. They want what the Clintons got. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who they throw on the table, the DNC will again make sure THEIR corrupt and unlikable candidate is chosen and Trump wins with 400 electoral votes.


Of course she announced on MLK day - extreme virtue signaling. Not to worry, since Kamala literally whored herself into office Trump can grind her into the ground with one tweet.


They key is, it won’t be addressed because both parties have adopted the new “standard”, if the GOP challenges Harris’ eligibility, what does that mean for Rubio and Ted Cruz? The courts have obviously decided it’s a political question. There is nothing stopping congress from refusing to confirm an ineligible POTUS. Just another in a long list of constitutional violations that are the new normal.


I agree. The chance to nip this in the bud in the courts is long gone. It’s precedent now.


This falls between, who cares and so what.

The democrats will have all sorts vying for the nomination, they need to show they are diverse now.

They have to have a woman of color, Im sure an african american for show, a latino, native American indian, Transgendered and a muslim oh and Democratic Socialist

And none of them will have a shot at beating Trump in 2020.

Personally I think only two democrats have shot at beating Trump in 2020 , Assuming Biden runs he has a legitimate shot and the only other democrat is if she ran that could beat Trump is Caroline Kennedy the only normal Kennedy with no skeletons in her closet.

Other than that No Democrat can beat him and Hillary was the best shot.


She is nothing more than a mud slinger ! She will do good with just blacks because she hates white males .


Eligibility isn’t an issue IMO. Her radical political philosophy is.

Unlike Pocahontas she is well versed in the law and presents herself well. She could be a tough candidate, but would have trouble outside of NY and CA.



Being well versed in the law isn’t a prerequisite. Look at Obama. A Constitutional “scholar” (whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean) who openly violated it on numerous occasions.


My favorite was when the “constitutional scholar” thought the President got to decide when or if congress was in session. rofl


Well Executive Orders trump laws doncha know? All good Constitutional scholars know that.


Imagine if he pulled it off? House votes to impeach Trump, Trump gets out his pen and says, nope, congress isn’t in session. lol


Kamila is actually married to a white guy,not sure how that will go over in BLM base


He’s actually a Jewish lawyer and hardcore Zionist. Which means she might get more support than meets the eye. The tribe always sticks together.


That’s all we need…a slut in the White House.


Agree. The last person I want as President is a former San Francisco DA.

That model is broken.



We already had one. Or did you miss the Clinton years?


Ah yes… Birther part deuce! Where are the papers?!


Considering that there are constitutional eligibility requirements, it is a valid concern.



That side doesn’t care. They made that quite clear years ago.