Kamala Harris and the Jussie Smollett Hate Hoax


Shill - are you denying that the majority of alleged MAGA hate crimes lately have been completely fabricated?



The majority? I’m not sure I’ve seen the other stories that turned out to be false.

Even if 1 story was false, it doesn’t mean this one is. I am not saying whether it definitely was a hate crime or not (he definitely was assaulted) but this thread is full of conspiracy theorist jumping to conclusions based on nothing.

We know he was assaulted.

We suspect it was a hate crime based on first hand accounts.

We have a shitty video showing 2 dude that may or may not be the attackers.

That is literally it.



Obvious troll is obvious.



Are you talking about me? Why can’t we have a health discussion based on the facts?

Show me where you believe I am trolling?

  1. Guy was assaulted
  2. Chicago Police “suspect” a hate crime but need further evidence
  3. Chicago police obtain a shitty video showing 2 people walking down the street around the time of the attack

Nothing further has been revealed by the Police.




“Victim” refuses to cooperate with police to provide the evidence they need.

In the vicinity…and irrelevant.

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What do you think is the most likely thing that happened?

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Notice how the shill is diverting attention away from the connection between this event and Kamala Harris.



Why would the police be investigating an assault if there was no assault?



It on purpose, I don’t deal in conspiracies.



They are investigating an allegation of assault.



So you are derailing the thread intentionally?




How gullible are you? Perps supposedly wearing gloves, ski masks and Trump hats, he knows they are white. None of that raises a red flag for you? Ok but there is more. Perps just happen to have rope and bleach and recognize him from his show? Victim walks right past security to get into his building without asking for help. Still wearing the rope around his neck forty minutes later when the cops show up, oh and the cops don’t smell bleach. And all this just happens to happen to a very outspoken critic of Trump and pal of the newly declared Presidential candidate who just happens to have an anti-lynching bill languishing in the Senate. If that doesn’t smell fishy to you, get your nose checked to make sure you still have one.



Say what? Because someone reported one. sheesh.



Don’t forget random white guys aimlessly walk around Chicago with bleach and a rope when it’s -20 degrees outside.



And nothing found on cameras yet, despite over 20k cameras in Chicago streets.



The most likely (which doesn’t mean this will be true) based on what we know today from witnesses and police (which doesn’t mean that it will be true)

He was assaulted by 2 men. They put a noose around his neck to make some sort of racial point.

Beyond that I everything else is conspiracy and wild speculation. Which is fine, but don’t pretend that your conspiracies are fact.

Also why don’t I see any conspiracies here further documenting how this was a vicious hate crime by to 2 white men who yelled MAGA? I only see people jumping to conclusions that this wasn’t a hate crime.



How do you know this? Post proof.



You are creating that weak conspiracy theory all on your own.

B…bu…but I thought you didn’t deal in conspiracy theories?



The troll will not admit defeat even when the hoax is fully exposed…and it will be.


  1. Ski masks don’t cover your lips or eye sockets. Could easily tell the race from those areas.

  2. Rope can be bought at your local home goods store. And bleach can be bought at a grocery store. These aren’t elusive items lol. Do you have evidence of the Chicago police stating that they didnt smell bleach?

  3. Maybe because he is so outspoken is the reason he was attacked? Also there is still the threat he received at from a letter sent to fox studios on Jan 22. Contents of that letter haven’t bee released but it could explain that someone looked to do harm to him (again it’s an unverified connection)

  4. The anti lynching bill made lynching a hate crime. It was voted on unanimously by the senate.

Here is where this dumb conspiracy falls apart… wouldn’t this “step up” have been better BEFORE the bill was signed into law? You know… an event that acted like a catalyst to support Kamela Harris’s bill? The fact that this happened AFTER the bill was signed doesn’t mean anything. If these “hate actors” were smart they would have done this BEFORE this crime was deemed a hate crime (which carries heavier potential penalties).