Justin Amash leaves the GOP

Well, Justin Amash–a congressman from Michigan (and formerly a Republican–sorta-kinda, anyway)–seceded from the Republican Party.

At best, he might have been described as a RINO.

He has now become an independent.

I suppose this may be called his personal Declaration of Independence.

Personally, I say good riddance…

Great news. Hopefully he actually behaves as one.

because he voiced opinion to Trump he is a RINO? He was a tea party favorite and googling his voting record he seems to be quite conservative.

Btw pj, anytime a Republican has DARED to criticize Trump they are demonized by the Trumper. Branded as a fraud or faux conservative.

Conservative review gives him a 92% conservative rating during his time in office, well above other republican Trump bootlickers that most posters here support, and on the reviews top 25.

He did not merely “voice an opinion”–as in, he disagreed with some of his policies–but has actually called for his impeachment.

One simply does not call for the impeachment of a president of the party to whom one is attached.

Of course you do if you have any integrity. Easy for those from across the isle to call for the impeachment of the president. You wouldn’t have applauded a Democrat who called for Obama’s impeachment over the IRS scandal, Fast and Furious, or his administrations illegal involvement in Ukraine in 2013?

But that does not make him a RINO. I would like to see more Democrats and Republican congressmen and senators holding their President accountable. Blindly following a leader is not good .

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At least he’s finally out of the closet.

Good luck raising the money he’ll need to run again.

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Amash was primarily a conservative with libertarian leanings. Mostly still is.

But he followed Jeff Flake down the TDS rabbit hole, and allowed that to control him.

Lotsa libs are going to try to say, “He’s principled,” but that’s just because he’s matching their own TDS-soaked principles.


I would have said that he should switch parties.

No, it is “not good” to “[b]lindly follow a leader.”

But if that leader is leading where one does not wish to go, then one should simply separate oneself from him.

Thankfully, that is what Rep. Amash has just now done.

I just wish that he had done it sooner–and not requested the impeachment of the president (of the party to which he, himself, was then attached).

Voters should be able to recall him and boot him to the curb for betraying them! His squabble with Trump had nothing to do with obstruction and everything to do with trade with China because his family business is heavily invested in China. This guy is a first class Asshat who not only lied about his company, but also sold out his own country to the CHICOMS! He is a traitor and abused his position of power in the name of greed and revenge and I have zero sympathy for self entitled ass-wipes like these!

Unfortunately that would take a constitutional amendment.

You don’t know what your talking about, then again coming from you I am not surprised! If someone claims to be a conservative but fails to live up to the term that is the definition of a RINO, and if you were half intellectually honest you would know what that term means, but apparently you don’t!

You are right, but it should be that way, and it’s a major reason why someone is already is challenging his seat. Voters are fed up with him, and he knows this so its the reason he is leaving the party, as he also knows he won’t be re-elected.

You know if you’re going to change parties I have no problem with it but it should be done like Phil Gramm did it years ago.

He gave a speech telling everyone how the democratic party had simply become a party he could no longer support and why, announced he’d be switching to the Republican Party, and resigned his seat.

He then ran again for the same seat as a Republican and won overwhelmingly until his retirement.

Lol, why would a liberal progressive abandon his values because he believes a president has committed an impeachable offense, or vise versa?

I remember Phil Gram from the 2008 financial crisis, the Gram Bliley Leech Act was a disaster imo, but I did respect that move! IMO that is how it should be done! I have some friends from Amash’s district and they are a very pissed off bunch right now!

Fuck off with your smug know it all attitude and personal insults.

A RINO has nothing to do with following the party line. In fact conservAtives and Republicans can be two different entities

There are more than a few Republicans that would not be considered conservative.

You not only contradict yourself but you just proved you have no idea what you are talking about!

Why do you think they are called RINO’s ? It’s a acronym you retard! Duh! Your ignorance is exposed yet again and you are having a total meltdown! Classic Toasted Cheese puff! Actually know what your talking about before making a total ass out of yourself!