Justice for jan6 tomorrow!

We watched for the past five years Democrats burn down America burn down federal court houses try to burn the federal agents alive kill police officers attack a police officers… yeah they attack Trump supporters for protesting the illegitimate election?

Tomorrow’s gonna be a good day boys surprise surprise

The democrats now have American political prisoners.


I’m down here in DC now ready to protest


I’m staring down a couple of capital police now. They don’t want this

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Hope you have a lawyer with you. The FBI will invent the TINIEST thing to charge you with the MSM s approval and labeling you as an " insurectionist" or a "domestic terrorist " . Wish you Good Luck and be SAFE.


I have a great view

Are they going to charge mast!?

What will the MSM say about blacks being there?


My opinion of this thing is that it’s a trap, could be a designed False Flag situation.

Obviously they’ll say that they are White Supremacists :roll_eyes:



Same for Larry Elder, an intelligent, conservative black man that is to white and not black enough.Blacks are seeing how the Dems use them for votes and keep them in poverty.


Not only that the Leftists actually HATE Blacks and consider them low IQ and consider THEMSELVES Superior, I mean the Left have ALWAYS been the actual racists, they are the PUREST form of racist.

The Democrats have NOT changed since their Jim Crow days, they have NOT changed since the Democrat Nathan Bedford Forrest formed the Domestic Terrorist organization the KKK designed to keep Blacks ON the Plantation, to keep them POOR and living in shit.

Anytime a Black wanders OFF the Democrat Plantation and smells the coffee they tend to go and become a Conservative and with that the RACIST Leftists attack them in the vilest terms further illustrating how RACIST they are.

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What is your feeling about the PROMINENT Uncle Tom Black celebs that have lip prints over major Dems asses.

I don’t follow all these celebs so I don’t know.

I’ve heard that Nikki Minaj is getting shit from the Brainwashed because she has DARED OMG to actually use her brain and ask questions about the whole vaxx thing.

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Black Democrats are more conservative then whites lol they just been brainwashed


Very many are yes, a huge amount of Blacks that have been brainwashed to vote Democrat are Anti-LGBTQ and Anti-Abortion and also VERY Christian, they GO to their Churches and praise Jesus Christ and so it’s INSANE how brainwashed they are that they vote for a party that treats them like low IQ CHILDREN, is FANATICAL about LGBTQ and like the DEMONS who SACRIFICED babies to the DEMON Ba’al are FANATICAL about having babies murdered in the womb and FANATICALLY HATE Christianity.


Yesterday was fun lotta FBI agents running around pretending to be American lol
We got our message out Mission accomplished

That “rally” was only attended by journalists and undercover feds.

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I think this is why the border thing is being allowed to happen. Black people are starting see the truth of what the Left has done/continues to do to them; the Left needs to refill the coffers of Dem voters because they are slowly losing the Black vote as Black America is becoming increasingly aware of the Left’s true nature.

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Looks like the cowards and traitors didn’t show up. Trump is abandoning his own which should be a surprise to none of you at this point.

No the capital police showed up lol cowards