Justice for jan6 tomorrow!

They were there to stop another violent terrorist insurrection. The cowards fled. Facts.

Who is charged with insurrection? Lol Are you calling taking a few funny selfies insurrection

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said that the police seemed better prepared today than they were on January 6, USA Today reported.

He said: “I believe that they are well prepared, thorough, professional, and I think they are better prepared than people were before January 6.”

At least they kept the temporary fence and cement truck compaies in business. The government elite are better at arresting patriotic Americans in DC than protecting Americans in Kabul.

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Capital police were terrified of a 5 foot 2 98 pound woman lol

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They were pretty good at counting the few hundred patriots that showed up.

Counting the million or so that attended the original 9/12 event, not so good.

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Glad to see you weren’t arrested on false charges or a victim.of " excessive force" by the Federal Gestapo.
I have seen any media coverage, so it either wasn’t newsworthy or didnt happen.

It’s amazing January 6 was created by the fbi , media ignores it

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No worries, the protesters exercised their constitutional prerogative peacefully….

And went home….

Not one person has been charged with being a traitor or with insurrection.

Pull your head out of your azz.


The Proud Boys and all the so-called White Supremacist groups are all full of FBI Informants.

Of course Antifa are run by the FBI but unlike the above they are literally PROTECTED by the FBI, which is why IF any get arrested they are IMMEDIATELY released without charge as they are used as Domestic For Hire Thugs to Shut Things Down, they are similar to the Nazi Brownshirts, put on the streets to go to bat for ALL The Establishment Agenda stuff.


How about proving all that hmmmm?

How much proof do you need? Lol 22 ppl unnamed rioters released…

Oath keepers leader makes treasonous comments on January 6th… and he’s not arrested? We live in lawless times if you lean left or help them


!00% fact here a video explaining so in some detail GlowieCon 2021 - YouTube

Trump told people not to attend this event it was basically a FBI party

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Look at the way CNN cover it this was a set up from the start

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Seems odd that excessive force is just fine when used on people of color……:thinking:

This pretty much sums up how retarded you comments here are


Seems fine that rioting and looting take place and it’s just fine with few charges resulting from over 2 billion in damages.

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I here stores are closing in California because they allow ppl to steal

Walgreens 17 stores in SF.
Many others are closing early.

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