Judge Rules Individual Mandate UnConstitutional



There’s no reason to be mean. :confused:

I think we agree on this more than it appears.


I am addressing not YOU personally but the part of your post that speaks to: “they do not have a healthcare plan to replace it”.

I have become so TIRED of people looking for everyone else to find solutions and blaming everyone for their problems but themselves.


The burden of healthcare choices should be placed upon the individual so that they are free to make a decision about what is best for them.

We know the politicians don’t care.

We know insurance is a business.

Ergo, it is up to us as individuals to take responsibility to determine risk/reward.

  • President Donald Trump publicly clashed Tuesday with the top House and Senate Democrats over funding for the border wall and the prospects of a government shutdown
  • It happened during an Oval Office meetingthat was open to the press – and aired on television immediately after it ended – giving Americans a sign of what divided government in Washington may look like next year.

Kissing cousins.


First time in my life I wanted to strange a member of the SCOTUS and I wanted to go straight for the CJ SCOTUS to start.


There’s a lot of things we could actually do that would slash the cost of medical care like severely limiting physician and pharmaceutical liability but democrats will never have any part of it.

Obamacare did nothing but make it worse for most of us.

5 years running we’ve gotten into Nov/Dec on the edge of meeting our total out of pocket for the year with me still needing four surgeries.

That 5k is just one “Bridge Too Far” for about 80% of the population.


We don’t need to replace it, let it die. Go back to the old system and each state can handle the high risk pool by requiring every insurer operating in the state to take a share of them.

For the truly indigent go back to Medicaid and leave the rest of us the hell alone.

We had a very good system that covered 95% of the population and 85% of us were happy or very happy with the coverage we had prior to 2009.

The young and healthy could actually afford to either pay out of pocket or at worst carry a catastrophic policy that covered accidents, cancer etc for under 200.00/mo. Those are the types of high deductible policies Trump/Republicans have “allowed” back into the market along with the end of the damned individual mandate.

We’re heading in the right direction so let’s let nature take it’s course, get the gov’t out of the market to the greatest extent possible and then let what’s left of the free market provide.


Start with personal responsibility. Who you have a population that is 60% over weight/obese and growing larger every year, it’s no wonder we have costly healthcare.

p.s. I’ll trade you my 7K max out of pocket for your 5K.


No, it’s moot. It does not exist, regardless whether you think it’s a fine or a tax.


Every Republican in Washington was screaming that it was a tax. The Democrats were screaming equally loud that it was not. Roberts agreed with the Republicans. So how is Roberts the bad guy?


I never know whether you are being serious or not. :wink:


Politicians, lawyers and insurance companies have intentionally made it so complicated it’s almost impossible to take responsibility for it.


Kissing kabuki. You really think they walked in front of those cameras without knowing?


Seems you think they are best friends yet they seem a bit at odds with each other.


Kabuki. They share a common easy derision for the public they purport to serve. Ruling Class vs. Country Class


No injunction. No effect.



Opinion behind the paywall.

Nice one.


Use the incognito tab. Of course it’s opinion, there are no facts in kabuki; just illusion.


I’m surprised they actually had an opinion piece as most of their published articles are cut and paste from other sources. They are down to 30 people publishing that rag.


Angelo M. Codevilla, a professor emeritus of international relations at Boston University

Can we move on from the source now?