Judge Rules Individual Mandate UnConstitutional



That’s not so. The Court never ruled on the Constitutionality of the ACA in toto, they only ruled on the Mandate because that was the premise of the challenge to the Constitutionality of the ACA … that the mandate was unconstitutional, therefore, because the law relied on the penalty to function (which has proven to be false,) the Act itself was unconstitutional. Had the mandate not been in the Act, they would have had no grounds to challenge its Constitutionality.

Now, with or without the mandate, that case stands as precedent. They would have to take the ACA back to the Court in order to change that, and personally, I don’t see what they (the opponents of the ACA) would use as a rational to sue for its removal.


Of course it will. The Senate will compromise on single payer and Trump will sign it.


I actually don’t see the judge’s rationale here to be honest. It should have never passed muster the first time around on the grounds it was never a tax but a fine.

Roberts violated both his own oath and The Constitution by rewriting it instead of standing up on his hand legs and sending it back to congress as The Constitution Requires.


The SCOTUS is not We the People!


Any setback for Obama’s signature disaster, Obama(dosen’t)Care, is a GOOD setback.


I’m not sure they will this term but at some point it’s probably inevitable. We have a pretty strong majority in the country now demanding some sort of gov’t healthcare because just as we predicted Obamacare ruined a pretty good system.

The simple solution would be to throw the whole damned thing out, go back to the old system and create a national pool similar to Medicare/Medicaid for the indigent and people with preexisting conditions.

They could also simply mandate that each company participating in each state take a percentage of the PE’s in order to cover them all on a rotating basis.

Whatever they end up doing though you can bet most of us will end up unhappy because they haven’t got the sense or the guts to do what’s right.


It was never passed constitutionally. It didn’t originate in the house with an up/down vote.


I seriously doubt it.


You are right about that, but on the other hand everyone knew it was a tax, even the Democrats who swore up and down and argued before the Court that it was not. Roberts simply pointed out that the Kings new clothes weren’t real.


Nearly half of all people in poor or fair health — or 46.4 percent — are either uninsured or have affordability problems despite having health insurance. About 15.5 percent of non-elderly people who have insurance either skipped or delayed medical care, citing cost or inability to pay bills in 2017. This means the total percent of people who struggle to afford care is 26.2 percent when accounting for the under-insured population.

11% of the uninsured population could not afford ACA and did not qualify for Medicaid.

Now this is what really pisses me off.

An illegal immigrant can sneak into America and their prenatal and childbirth does not cost them a penny. A U.S. Citizen with health insurance can pay as much as $3,000 out of pocket for the same care. This is on top of what they are already paying for their health care insurance.


Watch and see. It’s too big to fail.


No, it’s not a tax. It’s a fine for not behaving in accordance with what the cult has decided.


That decision should have been 8 zip, with Elena Kagan should have recused herself for her role in helping Obama administration on legality of Obamacare itself.

What Roberts did was mind boggling…and completely undermine any little faith I had in SCOTUS.


Exactly how will they pass putting it back for the next 2 years?? If I recall, it takes 60 votes plus a signature from the President.

I think the president has a middle finger ready for all libs that want to put it back.


Trump will sign it.

You guys keep forgetting Pelosi, Trump and Schumer are friends.


ROTFLMAO, comedy club?? SNL?? Which do you listen to???


You are confusing kabuki with reality.

“Nancy — you’re the best,” Mr. Trump wrote to Nancy Pelosi at the beginning of 2007, scribbling on an article about her swearing-in as House speaker after Democrats seized control of the chamber. “Congrats. Donald.”
Mr. Trump had a small hand in her elevation. He had made a $20,000 donation to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Can you show a $20k Trump donation to a conservative candidate?

“I was always very good with Schumer,” Trump said. “I was close to Schumer in many ways.”
One way, at least on paper, was Trump’s past donations to Schumer’s campaigns.
Schumer is the sitting member of Congress to whom Trump personally donated the most money, according to Federal Election Commission filings. Over the past three decades, Trump donated roughly $9,000 directly to the New York Democrat’s campaign. Three of Trump’s children - Eric, Donald Jr., and Ivanka - donated a combined $6,800 to Schumer. Jared Kushner, Ivanka’s husband and a White House senior adviser, donated $4,000 to Schumer.

Trump is going to fold like a house of cards.


The court was right to rule the way it did. Requiring everyone to subscribe to the ACA is unconstitutional. It’s also deceptive. The only problem I have with this is the fact that they do not have a healthcare plan to replace it. I suppose that’s what happens when you get someone dependent upon the government. Like an addiction, it’s hard to stop once you start. And the joke is on the American people, unfortunately.


Too bad. The free market will provide solutions.

Don’t know where to turn? Lost? Boo hoo. Grow up and take responsibility for yourself. Some may want the government to be their mommy and their daddy, but I don’t.


Which is why I think that the burden of healthcare should be put on insurance companies, not on selfish politicians who don’t give two shits about their constituents.