Judge Rules Individual Mandate UnConstitutional



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The ACA did nothing to address the cost of healthcare, in fact, the ACA by design was a major contributor to the runaway costs of healthcare.

The ACA was supposed to reduce the number of people using the ER’s for none emergency health problems. That did not materialize, in fact, the cost for the ER increased to help offset abuse.

Pre-existing, in my opinion, was a great idea but it came at a very high cost. Everyone with health care insurance is paying for pre-existing.


The ACA was designed to insure more people via insurance or medicaid and had nothing to do with lowering the cost of healthcare.



Control it’s healthcare, confiscate their guns.

It’s exactly how the Germans lost Germany to the Nazis. Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.


Since when did the federal government have a delegated power to “tax” not complying with a rule? The imposition for not complying with a rule is properly called a “fine” for which due process is guaranteed.


“individual mandate is not a valid exercise of Congress’s power under the Commerce Clause and the Necessary and Proper Clause,” it is valid as an exercise of the taxing power granted the federal government by the Constitution.

So says the SCOTUS.


Inventing new powers for the federal is not a power delegated to the Court.

From expanding the commerce clause to now cover commerce within a State to things that merely affect commerce but aren’t commerce are all examples of high handed lawlessness. They are all examples of the tyranny of Arbitrary government.


It isn’t expanding but interpreting which is in question.

Can congress tax you? Yes they can.
If the fine for non compliance is a tax can they tax you? Yes if it is a tax which the SCOTUS said it was and not a fine. Congress cannot fine you but the can tax you.


It took an Amendment to tax income but none at all to “tax” not obeying a rule? Reaaaaaly?

So the reason a “tax” is collected is immaterial to determine what sort of tax it is … tax not obeying a rule through the income tax, even though not obeying a rule is not a form of income, and all is good?

No, the Court acted lawlessly. The ruling is without merit under the Constitution and void. Just as much of what the modern Court has pulled out of its ass should be ignored.


Asaratis has it correct! Because it was defined as a tax it made it that much easier to repeal due to the tax overhaul! The individual mandate was always going to be contested based on the constitutionality of it, and now that it has there is nothing in the way in stopping the ACA’s demise going straight into the toilet! The individual mandate was needed to pay for the ACA due to forcing younger people to pay more than the ones with preexisting conditions! The problem for the ACA started earlier due to people opting to take the penalty rather than signing onto the healthcare plan!

If Obama doesn’t already feel like a loser, than this certainly will be the icing on the cake to set him on the edge!


Agreed and why a majority of the people who still have common sense had a major problem with Roberts wrapping himself in a legal pretzel coming up with the ruling that allowed that crap to stand. He knew it was unconstitutional when he did it, there is no possible way he couldn’t have.


The SCOTUS is quite frequently wrong.


It is however, the MO of the Courts.


Where do “tax” bills have to originate?


Yes, but just like your Mom did when you were a kid, they get the last word.


No they don’t. That is incorrect.


Sure is … only a future group of Justices can revise their rulings and then they will be the SCOTUS with the last word. … and so on.


What is an amendment, Alex?


That’s not the last word; that’s changing the word.