🔴 John Dean (FELON) Testifies Before House Judiciary Committee


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Why do you post things that people can’t access?

It’s just a link to the channel selection page. I see your point tho if you aren’t getting ass raped by the cable companies then you don’t get C-SPAN. None of my friends have cable. I don’t.

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For the cord cutters - live stream is attached above in the OP. Dean is testifying right now. He was just sworn in. We will be sure any posts with a :red_circle: have a live stream included.

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I have no idea who gets cable and who doesn’t.

Try this…

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I already put a live stream in under your C-SPAN link. When folks see a :red_circle: they want a live stream. My email just blew up with flags! :rofl:


Why are they trotting out this old bastard now?


Because he’s a liar, a felon and may generate some sympathy for their narrative.


They need to trot out anyone and everyone who will support their claim that the Mueller report gives them enough to move ahead with impeachment. Pelosi and her league of Democrat idiots over promised and under delivered. The idiots who watch MSNBC want their pound of flesh that they were promised. This is the dog and pony show that makes it appear like they are going to get what they want. In reality they’re going to keep having hearings like this all the way through the 2020 election.

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Jim Jordan hit a lot of nails in his five minutes!

Notice how the Democrats are ignoring the witness, John Malcolm…as he is clearly not a Trump-hater, as are the other three.

The Democrats seem focused on the “attempts” to fire Mueller…something that NEVER HAPPENED!

The man himself weighed in…

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Since Queen Nancy isn’t allowing impeachment hearings on the House floor, Nadler’s Raiders are holding them in his committee war room.

It is a farce!

BTW, Jamie Raskin is an idiot! He thinks that John Dean is a man of honor and integrity.

:rofl: A convicted felon who pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice has honor and integrity! :rofl:

I suppose that among the Democrats, that is true. They have to maintain such a posture to keep Hillary from being tainted.

Bringing in John Dean , the rat bastard who asked Nixon for immunity from prosecution for any crimes he committed, Nixon refused and fired his ass and then he turned rat bastard pleading guilty of one count of a felony offense.

And he has the nerve to call Trump out and compare it to Nixon?

What Nixon did was illegal and criminal hence the articles of impeachment and he would have survived if the Supreme Court did not force Nixon to turn over the tapes and those tapes nailed Nixon to the wall, they were the smoking gun

Where is the smoking gun with Trump??

There is NO horse SO dead, that you can’t beat it just a little more!


What is even more disgusting about this is that Nadler invited CNN analysts to testify!

…all but John Malcolm from the Heritage Foundation…whom the Democrats ignored because he wasn’t into hating on the President.

Some here may recall that the Heritage Foundation was instrumental in forming Trump’s list of possible SCOTUS nominations.

Nadler’s Circus yesterday was an attempted false analogy between Watergate and Nixon’s coverup (obstruction of justice) juxtaposed against Russiagate and Trump’s alleged obstruction of justice.

The glaring difference is that Nixon actually committed a crime and then tried to conceal it whereas Trump committed no crime and has nothing to hide.

What the idiot, Nadler is hoping for is that the public will adopt the errant conclusion that since Nixon was guilty, Trump must be also…and should be impeached.

I remember James DeMint who if I recall correctly was one of the founders of the “Heritage Foundation”, and I always thought he was a good man whose views I tend to agree with, so I liked a lot of what the Heritage Foundation was trying to put forth as sound conservative policies, so it makes sense that Trump went to them for their recommendations for appointment of judges.

Your analysis seems to be spot on and I totally agree with your explanation thereof and makes a lot of sense. What annoyed me most about this, was that woman Joyce White Vance, and her stupid comments about the Mueller report containing proof that a crime was committed. I really wanted to slap her for the lying piece of sh*t that she is, but then again I digress. The whole event as one big joke, and I hope in some way it comes back to bite Nonads in his you know what!