Joe Biden tells Michigan voter "You're full of shit" then Rants about AR-14s

Michigan Guy: You’re undermining the 2nd Amendment!
Biden: You’re full of shit!
Michigan Guy: What?!
Biden: Besides, nobody needs an AR-14 - that’s why machine guns are banned!!
Michigan Guy: They’re AR-15s and they’re not machine guns!
Biden: That’s a load of malarkey, ya horse’s ass!!


Biden is obviously senile but I think there’s more to this than that…I don’t think the older elements of the political class fully grasp how nothing is private anymore. 15-20 years ago you could pitch a fit like this and the only people who really knew about it would be the ones who were there. Now it’s up for the whole world to see in a matter of seconds.

Biden wins over another voter!


Notice how politicians always lecture white guys about how they don’t “need” guns.

I love that this video is out there now with Joe Biden saying that a prospective voter who clearly knows more about the issue that he does is “Full of shit!” This will play well in the fall.

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Challenging Joe and getting him riled is a good tactic going forward. Especially about Hunter.

Listen here Jack, in my day we didn’t call it the “Wuhan Virus.” We called it the Oriental Malady. Buddy of mine, went by the name Cornflake Jackson, he got it and had to spend forty days in a barnyard wrapped in tinfoil. “Pal, thats just the way it is,” I said. How do I open pdf


It just maybe that he will be the democratic nominee for Trump to win hand over fist and Biden’s son will not be investigated plus the Ukrainian quid pro quo extortion Joe did will be water under the bridge with no malarkey!
Sounds like a win win. Politicians win, justice lost.
The art of negotiation.
Watch how it unfolds by Election Day.

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Then slo/jo wants to “take him out back”? WTF? My money would be on the hardhat!

Typical Lefty. He jumps immediately to violence and intimidation to win the “debate”. You’re in for a very rude awakening, Biden!

Americans need to realize it’s not if they will come for our guns but WHEN! It is going to happen soon and everyone needs to take this opportunity to get prepared! Buy ammo and buy private party!

Good Gawds, is the man trying to lose the election?


He still thinks he’s running for Senate so there’s that :rofl:


Oh without a doubt he is not only trying to lose an election but get his ass kicked in the process. He feels morally and intellectually superior to everyone and having a bunch of armed guards around him at all times let him run his mouth to whomever he wants.

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:rofl: :rofl:

Super Thursday! :rofl:

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What’s up with him challenging everyone to “take them out back”?

Is Corn Pop out there hiding in the shadows?

He’s probably trying to be a tough guy like Trump but threatening common people with violence really isn’t the way to go about that.

He knows he is safe. No one in their right mind would take an old man up on something like that.

Here is a different angle. This guy is completely off his rocker.

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Listen here, fat. Guns are the cause of 150 million you know, you know the thing. If you want we can do a push up contest right now cause you’re full of shit. I learned a lot about roaches and I love kids jumping in my lap. I’m about to slap your face.