Joe Biden tells Michigan voter "You're full of shit" then Rants about AR-14s

I don’t know who should go to the dog races first Joe or Robert Mueller.

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You forgot how proud he is of his hairy legs. :nauseated_face:

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The worker then told Biden, “You’re working for me, man,” and told Biden that he saw an online video supporting his claim that Biden is hostile to the Second Amendment.

Biden, pointing at the individual as they were mere inches apart in the middle of a crowd, said he’s not working for him and told him not to be “such a horse’s a–.”

That should tell everyone in the state that Biden has lost to completely.


Has Quid Pro Joe forgotten to take his meds or is someone not giving them to him.

Biden has taken the lead role in the Democrat Party Traveling Circus. He is a CLOWN!

:+1: Way to go Joe winning the hearts & minds of voters! :crazy_face:

This is the guy who claims to want to bring civility back to the office, you just can’t make this stuff up! :roll_eyes:

The GOP shouldn’t have to pay a dime to ad agencies, all they need are clips of Biden and Bernie who could also be known as Beavis and Butthead IMO.

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Good on that guy to stay on point in the debate, as its obvious Biden lost the argument when he decided to walk away when confronted with facts!

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They call it denial which is not a river in Egypt.

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Joe Biden’s speechwriter, everyone.

When will Joe and the rest of the Liberal Loons realize it’s the mentally unstable and delusional people that should be in a mental hospital not the guns that are the problem besides the independent pharmaceuticals manufacturers and retailers ( drug dealers) that are the main cause of violent gun crime

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Is it just me or have three of the States that Bernie won, California, Iowa, and Washington held back their final vote counts lowering his delagate total?

Is this a much closer race than the media is portraying?

Blame his handlers and his wife for letting him get away from them. Despite the media’s best efforts to paint Biden as a moderate he is just another radical Leftist elitist as his ignorant position on the 2A shows.

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I’ll vote for him to be the senator of the Virgin Islands.

THAT was the real issue.

The gun grabbing was bad enough. After 50 years of elected largess old Joe has THIS level of contempt for a voter? THAT is horrible.

The guy admitted he did not vote trump in 2016. I think he might in 2020.


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It doesn’t seem to matter. It appears that the majority of democrat primary voters would rather have a bungling old fool that’s losing his mind in the WH than a bumbling old communist.

It’s time to put Joe Biden out to pasture! He has lost his mind!

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“Biden’s asset is he’s not Hillary Clinton.”