JFK Assassination Revisited Yet Again

Someone just sent this video to me and I found it interesting considering who is in the video and the theory of what is being presented seems all too plausible to ignore. Also what hooked me is seeing a picture of Lee Harvey Oswald outside the book depository while Kennedy’s motorcade is passing by essentially giving him an alibi that would make it impossible for him being the “Lone Gunman” as the official narrative at the time.

60 plus years and this conspiracy still persists and the question is why? My belief is when the truth is purposely buried, obfuscated and is left for dead, somewhere, sometime it will reveal itself when no one expects it. It persists and continues to do so until it becomes crystal clear. It may take many years but like a cold case, sometimes forensic science does what it does; give the necessary pieces to complete the puzzle. Does the narrative of what is being presented provide a plausible explanation of who the second shooter is? Maybe. This is where the discussion is to be had.

What is also interesting about this as well, if Trump wins a second term could be a foreboding to take extra precaution to surround himself with people who have been vetted and he can trust. History doesn’t repeat, it rhymes.

When you make deals with the mafia you end up like John and Bobby !


The money, muscle and influence of organized crime helped John F. Kennedy win the closely contested 1960 election, investigative journalist Seymour M. Hersh contends in a new book on the Kennedy presidency.

And once Kennedy was inaugurated, Robert F. Kennedy, his brother and attorney general, refused to pursue FBI evidence into widespread voting fraud, Hersh alleges.

In “The Dark Side of Camelot,” Hersh claims that the Mafia was brought into the Kennedy presidential campaign–and helped the Democrat carry the key state of Illinois–mainly at the instigation of Joseph P. Kennedy Sr., founder of the family political dynasty.

Onetime Kennedy pal Frank Sinatra also played a part in enlisting the aid of organized crime chieftain Sam Giancana in the struggle for the White House against Republican Richard Nixon, Tina Sinatra, the entertainer’s daughter, told Hersh.

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I have no doubt the Mafia played a role but in what way in the "who’s and the “hows” is one that remains subjective among the ones who speculate as much. Its why Kennedy’s assassination remains one of the longest running conspiracies to date. However if the footage in this post can ever be enhanced to corroborate Navel Officer Bill Cooper’s assertion that Secret Service agent sitting in the front seat took the second shot then forensically speaking it would make a lot of sense if it can be proven. Maybe technology with the help of AI will be able to fill in the mixing pixels to identify and clarify the frame in question someday. Something tells me we are not too far away from answering that question.

One thing to ponder, just as you articulated with Kennedy’s associations with Mafia operatives, the CIA often frequented with Mafia figures in the drug trade in order to raise dark money that couldn’t be traced to fund their illegal operations. Remember Vietnam provided such a vehicle where millions of dollars in heroine was being transported on flights from Saigon on a daily basis. With Kennedy telegraphing his decision to pull out of Vietnam he was assassinated two weeks later from that pronouncement. So maybe the two are connected and certainly motives are plenty. One rogue paid off SSA is all it would have taken.