Jersey City Shooting: Six People Dead, Including an Officer

The scene of the Jersey City active shooter situation.

Six people are dead – including a Jersey City police officer and three civilians – after a chaotic standoff that spanned two scenes and ended with at least one suspect holed up in a bodega.

One Jersey City officer has died, and three more were injured during the active shooter incident in Jersey City, New Jersey that involved at least two suspects and spanned two scenes, one a bodega and one a cemetery, authorities said in a news conference.

The lengthy standoff, in which multiple SWAT officers descended on the corner grocery store, ended in tragedy. Multiple people are dead inside the grocery store, they said. NBC New York later reported that the dead include three civilians and the two suspects. Authorities didn’t give a breakdown of the victims in their news conference. It’s not clear how any of them died.

“2 suspects, 3 civilians dead inside supermarket. 1 JC police officer also shot and killed,” Stefan Holt, a reporter for NBC New York, reported.

One of the other wounded officers was also shot, and the others have shrapnel injuries, authorities said. In the news conference, authorities said that a civilian was wounded too. Authorities said in the news conference that multiple people were deceased inside the building. They did not identify those people. They said all children were accounted for in the schools that were locked down throughout the city. The mayor said in the news conference that there was no indication it was a terrorist attack.

Today is a horrific day. Officers have come under attack and we have several wounded. Our hearts are heavy and the violence is not over.

We need prayers.

— New Jersey State PBA (@NJSPBA) December 10, 2019

Seems there’s no end to this crap in America…:rage:

Oh my goodness! I can’t believe this happened in New Jersey! They have some of the strictest gun laws in the country. I thought all of these super strict gun laws were supposed to prevent these things from happening :rofl:

Clearly gun laws don’t work because the bad guys will always get their hands on guns. If you want to blame someone for this shooting blame the shooter and the politicians, they both share equal blame.


Um…six people are dead including a cop.

I will be VERY interested in hearing how the gun grabbers twist and turn and spin to explain away or avoid the truth of your observation.

Well how did anyone besides the cop get their hand on a gun? Inquiring minds would like to know. These gun laws that you liberals run around crying about do jack shit. They are only good for empowering criminals which is probably what you sick leftists want anyway.



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Imagine if those people were able to defend themselves. Just think if looney liberals and their gun laws didn’t disarm those people they might just be alive today.

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The politicians want to make feeel good legislation. So, yeah. They’re going to make it impossible to protect yourself as a law abiding, tax paying citizen with the asinine concept of a “gun free zone”.

And, you are correct. Keeping citizens from being able to protect themselves only empowers and emboldens criminals. Clearly, they don’t care about gun free zones or breaking the law, do they.

When was the last time you heard a politician in one of these liberal areas talk about cracking down on gangs and criminals as a means of getting guns off of the streets or lowering crime?

Well, since that is impossible, they go after Joe Q. Public so they can look like they are “doing something”. :smirk:

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When was the last time a mass shooting occurred in a place where citizens are armed?

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Well, that just cuts to the chase doesn’t it? :wink:

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Mass shooters always pick soft targets. They want the highest kill count possible. That’s why they target places like schools and churches. No one is going to be armed. That’s why on occasion when someone brings their gun to church, the shooter gets fucked up. The media doesn’t talk about those stories though.

I was being facetious with my question as it was rhetorical in nature! :rofl:

Interesting isn’t it?

They don’t want any harm to come to themselves but it is okay for them to inflict harm on others.

They are nothing more than cowards and bullies.

Regardless, it still cuts to the heart of the matter.

Most politicians are alike. They make easy decisions that a baboon could make,but when it comes to serious thinking ,they have brain freeze.
Going after the street gangs would make them racists in the eyes of the Libtards and would take to much actual hard work.

Well as the saying goes: “if you are not part of the solution then you must be part of the problem”!

Tell me why we elect politicians again? You know it is bad when your parents have to put a lock on the cupboard that stores the cookie jars!

Unanswered questions- why did two Black males dressed in all black, roll up on a kosher deli, and get in a Falluja level gun battle with police? WTF were these shooter trying to do other than murder innocents?

Okay, going off topic here but appros to you point.

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Every morning there was sugar spilled all over the counter tops.

“Little Guy, did you get into the sugar bowl?” “No, Mommy!”.

So, DMK dumps the sugar out and replaces it with salt as the denials but the raids continue.

Funny thing. No more midnight raids on the sugar bowl after replacing it with salt. :smiling_imp:

There is parable here if you can find it. :wink:

I think I remember you sharing this fable before. Cute!


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“The Last American Snooze”