Jen Psaki Has a Nice Ass

I’m not gonna lie fam. I can’t stand the words that come out of Jen Psaki’s freckled mouth…but damn that S P I C Y ginger has a nice fat ass.

Her face is kinda fucked but her ass isn’t a problem. Quite frankly, I’m sure the majority of you neets would let Mama Psaki talk down to you and treat you like shit. You’d probably even pay for it.

Me…I’d just like the chance to tap that fat ass while she’s moaning about vaxxing me.

Just a random thought. Carry on.


No way is that her ass. Look at how out of shape Psaki is. Even in the best pantyhose, her ass would not look that good. If that was her, it wasn’t a recent picture.


I see her as SEXY. She is nice looking and camera friendly.I FANTASISE her face sitting me.
And yes ,she a VETY NICE BUTT and I hope she has a NATURAL BUSH, not shaved.Yes I have a have a hair fetish and wouldn’t throw her out of bed for eating crackers

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Her milkers were looking better when she was at the State Department


Maybe the result of having two children Wouldn’t mind her breastfeeding me.

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does she have feet pics out?

Jen Psaki once came to the restaurant I was serving at and I tried taking her order. She said she’d get back to me on that. I asked if I could get her something to drink to get started and she looked affronted that I would even ask…and told me to circle back. After 20 minutes of her staring at a wall blankly unable to order I just got creeped out and decided to leave out the back door.


I don’t understand why you losers are all fawning over a 4/10 average looking female just because she is part of the Biden admin. You guys would probably suck Biden’s cock if he asked you to do so.


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Please take a seat. I called you into my office today to talk to you about something that I’ve noticed. This morning, after our briefing, I saw that you circled back and were looking at my feet. In fact, I’ve noticed that you circle back to look at my feet several times a week. Is there something you’d like to tell me? Is there something that I can help you with?

She looks better with makeup. Enjoy.


Listen GAWKEYE, In my eye , she is a 7 . Like I said ,if you can read and understand, she is nice looking and camera friendly . You seem to be jealous that us MEN with normal eyesight fawn over her . How many MEN with normal eyesight have fawned over you??? Are you Jealous???
We REAL MEN are honest about how we admire her physical attributes. We aren’t the EFFEMINIZED todays men that are PUSSY WHIPPED and near GAY level.

If she came out looking like this I might let her vax me.

Yes, she could help me put my head between her legs after I lick her legs starting with her toes.Some LIGHT DOMINATION would be fun.

Have a younger version of Jen.

Who cares about Jen Psaki? Mommy Justice is all that matters. The ultimate ginger.

This is not a Mommy Justice thread. It’s a Jen Psaki ass and tits thread. I want to see more.

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Can you go even younger?

How much younger are we talking?

She’s gross. Biden probably uses her for personal services.

And nice milkers……Tune in every morning…:+1: