Jeb Bush: Trump needs Republican challenger in 2020

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That is factually incorrect! That is just more fear mongering, only because migrant farmers can apply for guest worker program in which agri producers already subscribe to.

Incorrect again! If the majority disagreed with Trumps signature platform he would not have been elected! Next?

This is the job of government. I dont assume to know what the solution is, because its not as simple as, “build a wall,” or “deport all migrants.”

Yes, deporting all illegals is well within the bounds of the law, but considering the implications it would have on the economy, it is probably not wise. And it would likely have little effect on the crime rate.

60% of the population opposes the wall

Well you are welcome to provide a link to back up your assertions, and I don’t mean providing an opinion poll! I am certainly not going to take some random guy on the internet word for it!

Ever heard of gallup?

Have you heard of sample size?

Its not just gallup, just google “support for wall poll.”

If you are going to disbelieve every major polling organization, thats a different discussion.

Yeah you are discrediting your own assertion by trying to insert Google into the equation.

Your own words!

In order for that assertion to be correct your sample size would have to have the entire population of America at 300+ million participate in such a poll for your statement to be correct! This is why polls while sometimes are useful in providing insight, is often inaccurate due to the sample sizes used for such polling!

Got any more actual facts to support your straw man argument?

How many statistics classes have you taken? Taking a sample size of 300 million is ridiculous and unneccecary to achieve the accepted confidence level.
The margin of error for the kind of polls normally taken are well within the single digits. My point was that the majority of americans dont support the wall.

Quite a few actually, which makes your statement ridiculous on so many levels. Its simply not true and not accepted as fact! If you made the statement saying its your opinion we can agree to disagree, but based as what you said word for word its factually incorrect. Like I said, if you can provide actually non partisan facts to back up your statement then I might look at it. Seeing that you don’t want to do that, I won’t waste any of my time arguing with another delusional lefty who basically loses the argument on a fallible hypothesis!

I will allow others here to prove my point on why you are wrong!



Enough to know a gamed poll when I see one.

What % of the population did this poll assume are leftist idiots?
Remember that Hillary had an 85% chance on election day.

If 97% of scientists think that AGW is settled science, that makes me a 3%'er. I really hate being underestimated.

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Do you know the sample size of these polls taken? Provide that information and then we can discuss why your statement is a straw-mans argument!

Not only sample size, but assumptions on subject selection by affiliation.

That is a good point. Its not like there isn’t a partisan component to these polling publications right?

Most polls are push with biased pools.

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So, i provide links, as requested, to polls from the most accredited polling organizations in the US, and you proceed to question them. The burden of proof, that they are untrustworthy, is now on you. Prove that these polls are innaccurate or not within acceptable margins of error.
You are in the minority on this issue (according to my sources) and thats ok. Im just trying to have a reasonable discussion.
My main issue with Trump and how things are now, is that people with different opinions dont talk anymore, we fight.

Nevertheless, its funny watching someone do mental gymnastics after they painted themselves in a corner. Just exposes lefty’s false claims and weak argument after they double down on their untruthful assertions!