Jared Kushner Leaves Palestinians Out Of Two-State Deal Then Blames Them For Screwing Everything Up

Why do you Republicans tolerate this incompetent, inexperienced, spoiled-rotten little shit in the White House? What makes the child of a NYC slumlord qualified to broker a two-state solution between the Israeilis and the Palestinians? Nothing.

On Tuesday, January 28, 2020, the Trump Administration revealed its vision for an Israel-Palestine peace plan. The proposed two-state solution would leave the state of Palestine completely surrounded by Israel, with tunnels connecting different sections.

The “deal” was brokered in part by Jared Kushner. I put “deal” in quotes because no actual Palestinian humans were included in the conversations. This, to me, seems like a poor approach to solving such a famously contentious issue. Of course, I did not have the fortune to luck into a diplomatic position by marrying to the daughter of a con artist president. So what do I know.

Similarly, if you’re going to leave half the people involved in the negotiations out of the negotiations, I wouldn’t think it wise to go on CNN and make your disdain for them so abundantly clear, as Kushner did here:

I suppose one could argue that this is not explicitly racist. But it absolutely hints at racist notions of Arabs as inherently savage beasts who can’t take care of themselves. In subsequent interviews, Kush basically made it clear that the Israeli settlements in Palestinian territory are going to keep growing and expanding anyway, so the Palestinians may as well take the deal because they’re inevitably going to be pushed out anyway. Again: probably not the best way to start negotiations that you already left them out of?

On the same day the plan was announced, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was also formally indicted on corruption charges.


You shouldn’t really wrap up all Republicans into one group. From day one I have not supported Ivanka or Kushner having roles in the White House. I think it’s completely inappropriate and takes away the professionalism of the Executive Office. I know a lot of my fellow Republicans don’t agree with me but there are many smart and conservative people that Trump can hire to do this important work. Jared Kushner should not be negotiating a Middle East peace deal and also shouldn’t be making comments like this to the media.

Truth be told I’m probably biased on this because I work for a family-owned and run company and nepotism is our biggest challenge.


It’s interesting to read the analysis and perspective from the Arab/Palestinian side of things. There is no way they are ever going to take this deal - they are literally comparing it to the Balfour declaration.

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Kushner is a smug leftist prick who has no business doing anything on behalf of the American people.

I’m with the rest of you. I don’t like this arrangement with Kushner at all. Maybe it is a good deal but I don’t think he should be the guy brokering it. It’s a little too nepotistic for my taste. I own my own business and there is a good reason why I don’t employ family members.

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What is wrong with this deal??? The Palestinians are savages.Launching missile strikes from city neighborhoods .How brave is that!!!They would have everything except Israel itself. They’re about as trustworthy as Rouhani . What more should they have??? If they don’t like it, move elsewhere. Turkey would probably take them. Personally, I would put them in Antarctica.


Have you ever had the negotiate with a union? That’s the way I look at this whole thing. Whether or not you like the union you still have to negotiate with them and they are going to negotiate for what’s in their best interests. It’s like any negotiation. If one party isn’t taking into consideration what the other party has to say the negotiation is going to fail. How do you know if it was a good negotiation? Both parties walk away from the bargaining table having given up something. It’s just the way it is.

Yes, no one ever gets everything they want .Negotiations are a compromise. This is a good deal.Palestinians get their state and Israel keeps the Jordan Valley.
If the Palestinians were involved, nothing would be accomplished. There aren’t human Palestinians , only sub humans.

And this “deal” is a starting point for negotiations.

This isn’t like negotiating with a Union, it’s not like the Pal’s can go on strike and shut the country down.

This is an offer to a terrorist organization to give up power and let “The People” of the Palestinian regions/areas have a chance at peace for the first time in thirty years.

The people of the Palestinian territory elected their government…so there’s that. Apparently they don’t think that $50B and giving up more territory is worth it.

The aren’t being asked to give up more territory. None of it is there’s to begin with.

They chose to be separatists at war with the gov’t of Israel and for decades now have handed leadership over to terrorists so I don’t particularly give a shit what they want.

I say give them an officially recognized state and the next time rockets, mortars, etc are fired into Israel respond with the full weight of the IDF and turn their entire country to rubble.

Problem solved.

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This has to be one of the most ridiculous things I have ever read here.

Israel’s basic approach to the Palestinians is to clamp-down ever more tightly.

We all know the horror of “mowing the lawn.” We all know that the Israeli strategy in the WB is (pick your term) deportation/elimination/cleansing of the indigenous population with the end of annexation.

We know that Israel dropped fleshettes on civilians in Gaza, including on children as they were leaving school. Some Israeli commentators, notably Miko Paled, have called the targeting of children leaving school the “darkest day” not in Israeli history, but in ■■■■■■ history.

To my mind the overarching mistake that Israel makes is this: Israel, by clamping-down ever more strongly, creates a pressure cooker.

In the past when a kid threw a rock at Israeli soldiers the Israelis knocked on the the kid’s family’s door in the middle of the night, demanded the family leave the house, and razed the family home. Now the Israelis are going to go a step further and jail the parents (that is the bread winners) of kids who throw rocks.

There are no two ways about it: Israel’s government has decided to target Palestinian children.

The previous intifadas were fought with rocks and fueled by world of mouth.

The nascent intifada brewing right now is being fought with knives and is fueled by social media.

It is a matter time, I think, until a Palestinian gets a machine gun and Israel has its own Port Arthur massacre. It’s a matter of time until a tech savvy kid buys a $500 helicopter drone on Amazon or elsewhere on the internet and with it drops a grenade on assembled Israelis.

Israel’s policies, in my opinion, only make matters worse.

And, as Israel’s policies get ever more brutal, the world is taking notice and losing patience.

No we don’t know any of that BS to be true.

The only people forced to live in the palestinan territories are those who choose to and those convicted of terroristm.

About 30% of the population in Israel proper are Israeli Arabs.

Ulike their Palestinian terrorist cousins they’ve decided to live in peace with their ■■■■■■ neighbors.

Ok. You obviously have zero factual knowledge of this subject, or the region, other than what you can quickly google search - or copy/paste from whatever AIPAC material you might have handy. What you are saying is unequivocally and undeniably false yet entirely consistent with the view of those pushing for a â– â– â– â– â– â–  ethno-state with absolute disregard for a workable solution and utter contempt for the Palestinian people.

Yes. We do.

My Solution to Israeli/Palestinian Conflict (edit with improvements or tell me who would reject/accept)

  1. Demilitarized Palestinian state in West Bank and Gaza. Israel would be forced to construct convenient railways between to the territories to connect them.
  2. 67’ borders where Israel keeps largest settlements, however Palestine acquires Nazareth (largely Palestinian historically important tourist town in Israel).
  3. Egypt controls border for 15 years to stop terrorists/Iranians, then transferred to Palestinians.
  4. Old city is shared Israeli/Palestinian land, policed by neutral party. Al Aqsa has Saudi security.
  5. Palestine has full autonomy over land and immigration and can resettle refugees in their lands.
  6. Israel/International community will pay reparations to Palestinians.
  7. Israel gives back Golan Heights to Syria, however maintains effective borders that are defensible. Those living in Golan will pay taxes to Syria, tourist visas will be handled by Syria.

Anything wrong will this. Who will fight against this?

I would like to see a simple solution to a problem that no one is talking about. I would like for the â– â– â– â–  to stop spitting on the Christians in Israel. Thank you.

American interventionism and Israeli foreign policy has been what’s screwing up the region and making enemies in that region. And it doesn’t help that Israeli lapdogs like you fully support destabilizing it more and making radical Islam more prevalent.

I lived in Israel for 3.5 years and have made over two dozen extended trips over the years since.

I know firsthand that Arab Israel’s live in peace with their ■■■■■■ neighbors outside of the Palestinian territories and get along just fine with them.

As for the Flachette rounds yes they have been used, no they have never been used to target Palestinian children on their way home from school.

If Kids have been killed or wounded by flachettes it would be due to Hamas setting up their rocket and mortar launch sites in civilian areas and by putting civilians around them to use as human shields.

There is no possibility Israel would ever agree to going back to the pre 67 borders. That’s just a complete non starter.

You don’t cede back critical strategic territories you’ve already paid for in blood unless you’re completely stupid.

LOL all land is eventually stolen, that’s an unfounded argument.