Japanese Army vs. Killer Crocodiles 1945

Every now and then, there are little parts of history that you learn about that seems interesting. This is one such event that I never knew about until I found this short video.

Japanese Army vs. Killer Crocodiles 1945


Interesting. You know you’re on the right side when the croc’s become your Marines.

Maybe Congress should mount a fact finding mission to the same swamp?

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They would do everyone proud if they did!

Of course there may be things even salties can’t stomach.

I’d volunteer the entire democratic caucus. We can give them all sharp pointy sticks to protect themselves.

I’ve seen some croc’s opened up before. At worst they puke the bones back up.

It reminds of an Australian farmer from northern Queensland who got treed for a week (or longer) by the crocs.

He was talking later on the Australian radio after he was rescued by the army and he said something like; He got drowsy while riding his horse, and didn’t realize it was straying into a croc’s nest. As the horse stepped into a nest, he fell off his horse and the crocs started chasing him. He managed to climb a tree but the crocs kept vigil 24-7 around the tree.

His family alerted the police after the horse returned to the farm alone, and the army helicopter started the search but couldn’t find him for days.


He should have kept running. Crocks can’t chase you very far and won’t leave their nests unprotected.

Pigs on the other hand… .

You know TWR, if you had any type of compassion you’d not do that

…to the crocodiles.

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Well, I killed a 17 footer in Africa (a real monster by modern standards) and wish I could have killed five a day while I was there. I only got to shoot that one because the local warden got a call on a missing villager and he’d been identified as the likely offender and the local warden was a very good friend of my best friend in the RSA.

He made the mistake of leaving the protected reserve to grab a local for a snack.

I’ve always dreamed of getting to hunt them in Australia or Indonesia where there are some real monsters in excess of 24’.

I heard crocs can run fast, so in his condition, he probably made the right decision.
He also said it was a big frustration when an army helicopter flew by only several feet away, without noticing him.

They can run fast but for a very short sprint, they have zero endurance beyond about thirty to fifty yards.

Up to 15 mph. I have to wonder why the Japanese didn’t go up into the trees at night?

They feed both night and day and the Japs were doing everything they could to move as quickly as possible to get through the swamp to link up with the larger unit.

One thing I don’t understand is why the Australian government is keen on protecting the crocs. I’m no fan of them.

Simple, they were hunted almost to extinction. Australia is rapidly becoming one huge protected animal sanctuary.

I have spent a lot of time at Kakadu Creek, and there are a lot of Crocs there in certain places. I have seen signs posted warning swimmers to swim at their own risk. Not sure if that is the same today as it was 20 years ago, but Kakadu Creek is one the worlds largest wild refuges.

I’d love to vacation there someday. All of my trips were fairly short and mostly in the Western Desert working with the Aussie SAS and commandos.

Tough bastards, brutal country.