January sixth 2021

It’s coming

It won’t matter. The scam perpetrated by the Left was well planned, executed and backed.

Trump is out, unfortunately. The next four years should prove to be very interesting, to say the least. I just wonder how soon the next phase of the plan will be carried out… Biden declared unfit and Harris takes over.

I think all hell is going to break out. Trump will win

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I hope you’re right.

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If “the left” can perpetrate such a massive fraud under the nose of the President with all the resources at his disposal it proves just how inept he is.

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No he told you show up and vote in person, now your going to get your feelings hurt on January 6th. Your going to cry call us racist, burn loot murder

Nah… he warned the country early on about the massive fraud that would occur if the unchecked mail in voting scam was allowed to happen. He was correct. The ineptness lies with the states that allowed the unchecked mail in fraud to happen.


Perhaps it was the “Sprat To Catch A Mackerel” ?

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It wasn’t just the left, it was the “Big Club” that is beholden to China. It was both members of both parties. There is literally trillions of dollars at stake and the perfect storm was COVID with the aid of Big Tech. This is not a partisan issue, it’s a American issue! If this is allowed not only will we kiss the country and free and fair elections goodbye so too our civil liberties. The left want to rub our faces in it, but it doesn’t just end bad for conservatives it ends very bad for all of us, the left as always are oblivious to what they are actually supporting! Take solace in faith, because you did right by not turning away from God!


I hope democrats realize that on January 6th your lives will be turned upside down. As the military floods your stupid little protests and we lay the smack down and trump stands on the battle field with a trump flag sticks it in the ground and says “four more years”!!

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I’m probably not the first to notice this, but the Christian celebration of Epiphany is also on Jan. 6th. Coincidence? Man this year is crazy!

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Except one little problem. Not in one single lawsuit has Trump’s team proven any of that to be fact. And they have argued before plenty of conservative judges, Republican nominated judges, including judges appointed by Trump himself.

Brett H. Ludwig, whom Trump nominated to a U.S. District Court in Wisconsin in 2017. Earlier this month, he called the Trump campaign’s request to have the GOP-appointed Wisconsin legislature pick new presidential electors “bizarre.” And he followed that up Saturday by ruling against the “extraordinary” lawsuit.

Ludwig added: “This court allowed the plaintiff the chance to make his case, and he has lost on the merits. In his reply brief, plaintiff ‘asks that the Rule of Law be followed.’ It has been.”


So there’s not a missing truck trailer of 300 thousand ballots!? Lol that crossed state lines? 40 thousand ppl didn’t vote twice in Nevada?
Georgia didn’t have pallets of pre sorted ballots? Millions of ballots didn’t get sent out unsolicited?



This is @montecresto1image lmfao



If indeed that’s true (of course it’s bat shit crazy, but to humor you) and if Trump was aware all along, as you say, and he did nothing to prevent it, then he is as charged inept…

60 state court cases tossed, 2 Supreme Court cases tossed, 50 states certifying Biden’s win, the electoral college affirming those certifications, and the most ardent Trumper still thinks Trump will pull a rabbit out of the bag…

BWAHAHAHAHA :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:




They didn’t rule on anything or else there would be ppl in jail for perjury. You need to sit down and relax and let the election play out … it’s gonna hurt

Perjury? Who was giving evidence under oath? The courts ruled that either those who brought the cases had no standing (which isnt a crime) or that their submissions to the courts contained no evidence.

But in true conspiratorial fashion its easier to believe the entire legal system along with the electoral infrastructure in multiple states is all part of this far reaching plot.

All we need is George Soros to take up residence in a hollowed out volcano with an army of goons do he can claim his rightful supervillian throne.

So no one lied? Well how did they rule? Lol see they aren’t taking up the matter because they have no courage… but the evidence is there and it ain’t going away snow flake