James Woods Just Tweeted a Very Disturbing Video!

I am not sure what words to convey here except this is pretty upsetting that this is allowed to happen in our public schools. Where is the teacher? Students just film this while its happening?

And California wants to ban homeschooling…

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These kids are probably in detention hall.

in detention hall given out ass kickings :grinning:

When you import third world people you get third world behavior like this.


Plenty of attacks like that went on in my high school forty years ago, by long time American citizens, the difference is, didn’t I hear what sounded like a teacher in the background here? Lots of beat downs like that in my high school but if there were any adults nearby it was ended immediately. Why didn’t he break it up?


He would have been sued, fired, and called a racist pedophile for accidentally touching the assailant’s boob while pulling her off the victim.

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The only logical answers are the teacher enjoys watching a good ass kicking or maybe the girl getting beat up was a shit head to the teacher so he let the fight carry on

either way I was thoroughly entertained

The problem with the James Woods post is that he mistakenly assumed that someone wanted to learn English.

Careful that you will not give the game away!

I think he was being sarcastic with his tweet!

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I feel sorry for the girl on the receiving end. It’s obvious her parents didn’t care enough about her to make sure she was taught to defend herself. The girl attacking her was an obvious pushover to anyone with at least rudimentary training. My daughters would have handed her an epic ass whipping.


I’m surprised she just took it like that. Absolutely no attempt to defend herself.

I thought I heard a teacher in the background as well. You’d think they’d (the teacher) be at least allowed to use pepper spray in a situation like that?

We had similar in school when I was growing up as well but the difference is the kids would yell cheer for a winner. Weird how the kids just sat in their chairs not making a peep.

Even when someone defends themselves the chances are the Bully will stop trying to harass that person greatly improves.

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the girl could not defend herself look at the shape of the desk that why the attacker come from that side the girls legs were trapped and she was grabbed by her hair the reality is there was no way out for her true story my friends Dad murdered someone like this but it was in a car not a desk you can easily be beat to death under these circumstances

I disagree.

Also, at the end she was no longer confined to the chair and made no self defensive moves whatsoever.

you are wrong the last you see of her in the video her feet are were her bum should be on the seat and she is on her back even without being attacked it would take 3 seconds to untangle herself and get back to her feet and that’s without being grabbed by her hair whilst continually being hit and you have to keep in mind she has just been surprise attacked with a object and hit multiple times that would have scrambled her brain sorry to say but you live in a false reality if you think that would have worked out differently if you were in her situation presuming you have the same physical characteristics as her are you Gabi Garcia

Whatever, Rick.

Some people react like turtles and some come out swinging when attacked. She made no attempt to do anything but become a turtle. I have no respect for that, nor for the teacher in the room, nor for the kids who just sat there doing nothing.

The part that upsets me the most about this is that these are still young adults who will be future contributing members of society The teacher doing nothing only will contribute to this type of behavior (civil disobedience) in our future society. This should not be tolerated and it is the degeneracy of our educational system that has brought on a lot of the problems we are beginning to deal with today. The entire public school educational system needs to be torn down! Besty DeVoss where are you?

so with your cat like reflexes and spider sense this would not have happen to you well thanks for the heads up :100:

She didn’t need spider sense there, just run of the mill situational awareness.