James Comey Admits He Was Wrong for Defending FBI’s FISA Process After IG Report

Hmm what has spurn this from Comey to be contrite now? Is he realising he is in deep doo doo and now needs to resuscitate his public image for sympathy? Or maybe a moment of clarity for Comey has arrived while self reflecting his hubris has done him no favours?

James Comey Admits He Was Wrong for Defending FBI’s FISA Process After IG Report

One might think that Comey has “seen the writing on the wall”, so to speak. That lying bastard knows he’s be caught. He and others in the FBI leadership should be issued prisoner uniforms…as are used in FEDERAL PRISONS (i.e. no parole).


The media has gotten this so wrong that now especially CNN no longer have anything left

After the IG report came out, wasn’t Comey bragging about how it proved he did everything right?

Yep! Which is rather strange! I think someone had a conversation with him recently that somehow influenced his recent thinking on his legal jeopardy.

No, he was talking about it’s failure to indict the agency for bias. Knowing now of the lower level FBI reps that made mistakes and engaged in criminal activity by altering information, he acknowledges it was a mistake to submit what he received. But that’s the deal with the guy at the top, there will be people we never heard of being fired and prosecuted, probably, hopefully, and the guy at the top has responsibility for those below him, so Comey should be fired. Of course that already happened. But he’s in no legal rouble.

He is in plenty of legal trouble but as usual Monty you love talking out of your ass again when there already is plenty of factual evidence that proves what you just stated as being incorrect!

Really? That’s not what he said.


That’s wasn’t the purpose of the IG report. It only serves as a basis for making recommendations for areas that need to be improved. It’s not criminal in nature, therefore an indictment would have never been possible in the first place.

Correct, no treason, no illegal wiretapping, NO BIAS…

So the IG report was all lies?

Im not saying that, seems like Trump and Barr…and all you guys are. The IG report finds that low level people falsified a portion or portions of a document, that there were 20 I think examples of error, omission and intentional (not verbatim on the language there) false acts. And those persons, we all would think, will be fired and or prosecuted.

He provided no evidence that there was agency bias, and found cause for the launch of the investigation.

Leadership however has some ownership obviously, but aren’t those that should be fired already gone, or mostly so?

Lindsey Graham, while clearly pissed off about elements of the report, has acknowledged that the original launch was merited.

He found no evidence that bias could be proven on the job. He found plenty of bias at the FBI.

Comey: It was just a real sloppiness on the part of the FBI.

That’s like saying San Francisco is just sloppy due to all the people shitting on the sidewalk. :rofl:

Prison. He knew and overlooked the falsified info. Treason. Prison for life at the very LEAST. I am 100% for rolling back the historical clock to include what we used to do to traitors against the USA.

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That hasn’t been established.

To be exact it is17, of course you didn’t read the report and again you are talking out of your ass!

Nobody’s getting tried for treason, so cancel the party.

Do you just like criminals getting away with crime?

And you know this how?