Jailed for trying to open Stansted plane door mid-flight

“A woman who tried to open a passenger plane door mid-flight, prompting two fighter jets to be scrambled, has been jailed for two years.”

What, a complement of cabin crew and a plane-full of passengers couldn’t restrain one drunken nutter, causing the RAF to be brought in - and what could two military pilots have done about it anyway? Just when you think you’ve heard everything, something like this comes along. WTF is happening to us?


She was restrained by passengers and crew, the fighters were scrambled as a precaution in case there were others on board who might try to use the plane as a cruise missile. Pretty standard since 9-11

And what could the fighters have done if it had been ‘a cruise missile’ situation? The point is that the flight deck crew hadn’t reported such a incident, which would have been a hijacking scenario.

They could try to force it to land in safe location and if all else fails shoot it down.

There is no point here other than you not understanding what was going on or how such incidents are typically handled.

The crew could only report on what had happened, not what might have happened following.

It would be grossly irresponsible to fail to respond and then have that worst case scenario play out with your only real means of stopping it still sitting on the ground.

The crew reported some wacko trying to open the plane door, end of. If it had been a hijacking the hijackers wouldn’t have been able to open the (reinforced these days) flight deck door anyway, so no big deal. As usual, you’re the one who isn’t understanding things here, not me.

You didn’t even know the passengers and crew had restrained the nut or why the planes were scrambled.

Cockpits are not impervious it just takes a bit more to break into them today than it did prior to 9-11.

Any incident like that is going to be treated as a possible terrorist incident until proven otherwise because it only take one successful attack out of a million for terrorists to succeed but in order for us to succeed every potential terrorist attack has to be stopped.

What happened here isn’t the least bit unusual. Pilots and planes both need flight time and they constantly train for scrambles to keep sharp.

Now just quit before embarrassing yourself further.

Yes, but I asked what they could do when they arrive at the scene? You don’t seriously believe anyone would give the order to shoot down a plane full of innocent people including babies do you? Would you give it? You’re not thinking this through as usual.

They absolutely would if it came to that rather than see another 9-11 scale attack with an airplane.

Collateral damage is simply part of the equation in virtually every military operation in the WOT.

Put yourself in the pilot’s seat or the commander required to give the order when all attempts to get an aircraft to comply fail and that aircraft continues on a course for a heavily populated area or capitol.

If you could not give that order or take that shot you’d have no business being in the uniform to start with.

Even if the plane were over a major town or city, such as London or Washington? Easy to theorise, not so easy to carry through. Like I said, you’re not thinking it through.

I have long thought this through and have known some of the pilots and commanders that would have to make such a call.

The shoot down would ideally happen well before it got over a major city.

Crap throughout WWII pilots from all sides dropped bombs knowing they were going to kill far more “innocents” but the targets still had to be and were destroyed.

My dad in fact commanded the only allied Nuclear Armed Artillery Unit in Europe for two years. These were common discussions around our table and with our friends.

That was all-out world war, this is a terrorist incident. You forgot to answer if you would give the order?

It doesnt’ matter if it’s an all out war or a terrorist incident. You’re talking about sacrificing no more than 250-350 lives to save thousands.

I would have no problem giving or carrying out the order.

250-350 lives PLUS the casualties on the ground, which wouldn’t be thousands. Stop dissembling.

There were almost 3,000 immediate direct deaths from the 911 attacks and they didn’t even hit the towers when they were fully occupied.

They were hit before the business day fully began in NYC.

If the plane goes down over a rural area at most there’s a dozen or so deaths on the ground, over a suburb or city maybe a few hundred.

It’s not a difficult equation.

The airliner pilot would circle an urban area or a city centre knowing that the order to the fighter pilots wouldn’t be given in that scenario.

He’d first have to reach it and your assumption the order would not be given is faulty. They would not be allowed to reach such a primer target area.

It also ignores the fact that the terrorist could not possible hit their intended target simply by circling.

She looks to be about 100 pounds soaking wet. Obviously, none of that weight is occupying any brain space…but it probably didn’t take much effort to put her down on her ass and keep her there.

People are so scared of being accused of something and I’m sure most people probably sat and watched her and did absolutely nothing. That’s ultimately the problem we have in society now. The minute you get involved in trying to make something right you open up yourself to all sorts of risk and liabilities because people will sue you and throw you in jail for the most ridiculous of reasons…meanwhile the actual criminals walk free.

Then you obviously didn’t read the story at the link I provided. She was subdued by passengers and crew.

You sure like calling people out don’t you? Why don’t you go ahead and read my fucking post a little more closely. Did I say that ALL passengers sat there and did nothing? No. I didn’t. Dickhead.