Jailed for trying to open Stansted plane door mid-flight

I read your post and responded accordingly “dickhead”.

Well I don’t know why you were responding because I wasn’t responding to anything that you posted. You obviously have the inability to grasp context as I was replying to the post above mine and talking about why the MAJORITY of people in a situation like this won’t do a damn thing. That’s kind of why airplanes got hijacked with box cutters on 9/11.

I’m curious. Have you ever been on a commercial airliner? Just how many people do you think could have gotten involved without creating a dog pile?

How many do you think were necessary to get her under control?

Obviously it was enough since they were able to subdue her quickly enough to prevent her from cracking the door.

It’s a public discussion. If you want to have a private chat use the PM feature.

It isn’t the pre 9-11 era anymore, people are not afraid to step up and stop a potential terrorist anymore if it’s possible to do so.

No man - I dig tunnels when I have to travel.

At least 70. Maybe more.

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