Jackboot Police Seize Guns From Alleged Neo-Nazi in Snohomish County, WA

King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, whose deputy prosecutor Kim Wyatt argued the ERPO case before the judge, said the order to surrender guns is the right tool when law enforcement does not have enough evidence to file a criminal charge.








At least they are being honest that the state can just come in and take your shit when they don’t like you or your thoughts. O say can you see!

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Just watch. They will come for the “nazis” first and once public opinion has shifted they will come for everyone else.

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Is this the point in time at which Americans begin actively/violently resisting unconstitutional police actions?

Outrageous abuse of power. This snowflake prosecutor should be prosecuted and the cops should have exercised some “good judgement” and left the guy alone! They should be ashamed. Red Flag laws (ERPOs) are unconstitutional.

Its white supremacist members claim they will not start the war, but they are arming themselves in preparation.

So they basically took his guns away for protecting himself.

Knock yourself out…we need a purging anyway.

It was that fat ass red hatter that told cops not to handle people delicately and confiscate guns when they think it’s appropriate and let the courts sort it out later…:man_shrugging:

Neo Nazi’s Need to be disarmed…

The voice of SPLC is now making its presence known!

It appears there are certain words - terms that carry a lot of weight when the modern SS is knocking at your door. I’ll begin, and feel free to add. Here we go: “Military- style rifles”? Exactly what is that? Here’s an oldie but a goodie that’s popular with the media: “Alleged”. I guess military - style rifles are the dangerous ones; as opposed to my Winchester .458. Luckily my Winchester .458 & my Mini 14 have wooden stocks.

I have reached the age where I can no longer handle the .458 comfortably. Time for a trade.

I wonder…is he actually a neo-nazi? As far as the left is concerned, I’m a neo-nazi because I voted for Trump. All we have is the media’s story saying that he is. Does it matter if no crime has been committed? Does preparing to defend yourself against a group with a predisposition for violent crime constitute a reason for the state to disarm you?

There’s 500,000 Black Hebrew Israelites in America that believe whites should be killed and enslaved, they are the largest hate group in America. I bet you won’t see these red flag laws being used on them, the media and politicians will provide cover for them. If you ask me, this guy was preparing for something that is just around the bend.

What the heck is a neo-nazi supposed to be these days anyway?

They want you to think that it’s a massive group of skin-headed white guys who watch Hitler speeches and hate ■■■■ for no reason other than they are ■■■■■ Must be about 50 of those in the entire western world.

Now if you expand that definition to include white guys who question the ethnic nepotism of international bankers, the media, and the entertainment industries and who question the idea of a ‘chosen’ race who believes it is destined to rule over all of us and who are actually taking real-world steps towards that goal then sure, those "neo-nazis are everywhere.

I’m pretty sure you could never quote the left saying that.

Ok fine, I’ll ask you. What’s he preparing for?


They think the US is going to have a civil war and then they will be able to kill everyone they hate politically, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and all people of color. They want an excuse to let their hatred, bigotry, and racism flow out in public. The only way they can do that is through a civil war.

Oh they don’t just think it, they hope for it, plan for it and have wet dreams about it. Surely you’ve seen the number of threads regularly created here where they fantasize about it…

And, they’re under the delusion that police and military are going to side with them…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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